PHP Platform Developer

Remote, anywhere in Latin America
Job | Posted on 23/06/2021

Job Description

Remote, anywhere in Latin America

At Blue Coding we specialize in hiring amazing developers. Through our work, we help companies, both large and small, build great development teams and develop great products. Our team of over 30, is distributed in more than 10 countries across the Americas. Our clients include online retailers, digital agencies, SaaS companies, and software consultancies.

In this opportunity we are looking for an experienced PHP Platform Developer to work with one of our American clients and help them drive new products and project development. We are looking for someone who can resolve problems swiftly, is a team player, is fluent in English, and is self-driven.

Our client's industry is in a state of flux. Consumers are embracing technologies, devices, and services that make everyday tasks like shopping and cooking faster, easier, and more efficient. Our client empowers their customers to grow with the evolving needs of today’s shoppers by creating and building web and mobile applications exclusively for grocers. This helps their clients expand their online presence, offer personalized customer experiences, and sell their products online. All of this is achieved via a cohesive enterprise SaaS platform. 

If you are creative, capable, and collaborative, this is a great fit for you! Our jobs are fully remote and flexible - as long as you have the skills and can get the work done well, you can work anywhere (and anytime) you want.

Roles & Responsibilities

Your primary responsibility will be to build industrial-strength, scalable PHP applications (both client-side and RESTful API). This will also mean contributing to application improvement and optimization through code audits, refactoring, and caching.

You’ll implement new features, develop schema and unit tests, and maintain user interfaces. Most importantly, you’ll contribute to our client innovation.

Additionally, we are committing to rebuilding some legacy applications using the latest and greatest technologies available. You will be able to contribute to a completely new stack of tools and applications built on open-source libraries


  • 3+ years of hands-on development experience
  • Intermediate experience with PHP and MySQL
  • Experience building scalable and high-performance Rest APIs
  • Must have experience with open-source PHP libraries (such as Symfony, Doctrine)
  • Basic knowledge of integrations with 3rd party APIs (using SOAP or Rest API)
  • Strong knowledge of HTTP protocol: authorization, cache control, proxy
  • Strong interest in the security of web applications
  • Familiar with using continuous delivery/integration methodologies and have demonstrated success in transforming feature requirements into clean, maintainable code.
  • Experience with performance monitoring tools (e.g. New Relic) preferred
  • Build Rest API applications using Symfony and Doctrine preferred
  • Integrated with a payment processor using their Rest APIs such as PayPal or Payeezy preferred
  • Used some form of queuing system to schedule tasks preferred
  • Managed, integrated with, and imported data to some form of a full-text search engine (Solr, Elasticsearch) preferred
  • Excited to combine your technical skills and understanding of the principles of quality and reliable software development.
  • Creative, forward-thinking, and have the desire and insight to challenge the status quo and contribute to making software as stable, as fast, and as high performing as they can be.
  • Great sense of humor and positive attitude.


  • Salary in USD
  • 14 days' paid vacation
  • Home office subsidy
  • Flexible schedule (within US time zones)
  • 100% remote
  • Long-term; full-time
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