Outsourcing Oasis:004

In this episode of Outsourcing Oasis, we welcome Deb Cinkus Founder & CEO of Polished Geek. Deb started her career in the enterprise world, living in North Carolina. She walks us through the decision to move to Guatemala, and what it’s like living as an expatriate while her business continues to operate in the US.

Throughout the podcast, the panelist talk through dealing with staff rotation, hourly vs not hourly, the importance of being proactive when you’re on a retainer, and much more.

If you have some interesting experiences you would like to share on the show, feel free to shoot us an email at outsourcingoasis@bluecoding.com and we can connect.


  • (Host)Charles Max Wood

  • (Co-host) David Hemmat

  • (Guest) Deb Cinkus