Blue Coding quick facts:

  • Lines of code written: 3.6 million

  • Countries in which Blue Coding is active: 8

  • Average cups of coffee drank per day: 100

  • Memes shared per day: 12

  • Number of times Charlie, our office cat, has made an appearance in someone’s video call: too many to count

Frequently asked questions:

Where are your developers located?

  • We have cultivated a network of some of the top development talent across the Americas, from North to South America. Some of our top development destinations are Brazil, Colombia, the US, and Mexico

How does your service work?

  • We offer a fully customizable recruitment and vetting process to find developers that are the right fit to integrate into your team. Start working with our developers on a temporary staffing basis, then hire them directly into your team to work with them long-term.

How does your service work?

  • We offer three services, depending on your needs. If you're looking for full lifecycle product development, from ideation to design through engineering and maintenance, custom development might be right for you. If you simply need a team with a project manager to build out projects without expanding your internal team's capacity, you can hire a managed team. If you need to expand your internal team but aren't finding the right talent in your local market, staff augmentation (contracting individual or multiple contractors) could be a great option.

We're here to help you figure out which engagement model is right for you. Schedule a discovery call with us today to see what makes the most sense.

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