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    Top notch developers ready to deploy.

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  • Ongoing development

    We build and maintain the web and mobile apps that are critical to your business.

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  • Developer staffing

    We provide talented developers for medium and long term projects.

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A great product starts with a great team.
Our developers make the magic happen.

Our services

At Blue Coding we are experienced team builders. We know how to mix and match skills to get the right team together for your product. We work in two ways: we can provide staffing for your existing team or we can offer fully managed development teams.

Web Development

HTML5, PHP, Ruby, .NET & Javascript.

Mobile Development

Android & iOS


Graphic and UI/UX design for mobile and web platforms

Q.A. and management

Quality assurance, project management and product ownership

Staffing Solutions

Need to grow your team? We offer staffing for companies looking to expand their team for medium to long term projets. We have a talented pool of developers and designers that work with us on an ongoing basis.

Our process for selecting developers and designers includes testing their personality and people skills as well as their technical ability, to make sure that they are a good match for our teams.

Looking to hire a top notch developer or designer? Give us a call.

Ongoing development

Looking to build and maintain mission critical software? Let us take care of the nitty gritty details for you.

We work with web and mobile apps that require continuious attention and ongoing development. Our teams can include project managers or product owners to help you make sure you get the most out of your developers and designers. We can work with a variety of languages and technologies and our agile process helps us ensure that you get the most out of the team.

Interested in managed ongoing development? Please reach out.

How we work

Hiring a developer with us is a breeze, this is how it works:

  • Tell us about
    your project

  • We find the
    right developers

  • Meet the

  • Start

  • Enjoy!

Our clients

Bluecoding has done a phenomenal job helping us grow our teams and expand our business. They are consistent, thorough and have a deep expertise in software development, which has made our talent recruiting top notch. The service they provide has allowed itr8group to be a lot more flexible in responding to customer needs."

- Rory Laitila. Founder at itr8group.

Some of our clients

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