Hire the best AWS Developers in Latin America

Hire the best AWS developers in Latin America with nearshore software development to save money on development costs


What is AWS Development?

Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platform provided by Amazon that includes a mix of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and packaged software as a service (SaaS) offerings. Now, AWS development is the process of creating and deploying applications and services for or on that cloud platform. The AWS technology offers a wide range of services, including computing, storage, networking, databases, machine learning, security, and more. Because of this tech stack's many tools regularly used by developers to build highly scalable, reliable, and cost-effective solutions, AWS continues to rise in popularity. Now, Amazon Web Services offers a wide range of services and tools that your company can leverage to build and manage its cloud infrastructure once you hire AWS developers.

The Main Benefits of Amazon Web Services and AWS Development

Potential for large scalability and flexibility

The potential to scale any operation up or down as well as the flexibility to pick and choose which services you really need are key advantages offered by AWS, making it a popular choice for businesses still working on accelerating their growth in an ever-changing technological landscape. AWS’ extensive service catalog enables your organization to leverage the exact resources you need, without the worries that come with significant up-front investments in hardware or infrastructure.

Enhanced data security

If your company cares about cybersecurity, upgrading to Amazon Web Services is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. AWS offers a wide range of security features and best practices to ensure the protection of your applications and company or project data from various threats and cyber vulnerabilities.

A global infrastructure

As a cloud-based infrastructure, AWS operates a global network of data centers strategically located in multiple regions worldwide in order to offer multiple availability zones per region. This allows for reduced latency in all applications and an enhanced overall user experience.

An extensive ecosystem

One of the best things about Amazon Web Services is the abundance of partner solutions and integrations that provides customers with seamless connectivity and easy integration of their applications with other services and tools, no matter if they’re from AWS or not.

Why Should Your Organization Hire AWS Developers?

AWS developers play a crucial role in helping organizations build and manage their cloud infrastructure. These skilled IT professionals handle all the designing, deploying, and maintenance for any and all applications on the AWS platform – ensuring your company projects are secure, scalable, and cost-effective. It’s necessary to hire AWS developers to be able to access the full potential of this technology; otherwise, you might find yourself struggling to take your projects to the next level.


Easily stay up-to-date with the latest AWS features and updates

As new services and features are constantly being added to the AWS platform, the decision to hire AWS developers to join your development team can help ensure that you're taking full advantage of the latest updates of this software, as well as keep track of your past project’s movements.


Faster development timeframes

Choosing to hire AWS developers plays a crucial role in accelerating the deployment process and reducing time to market for businesses. Their expertise in utilizing AWS services and tools enables them to streamline development workflows, automate processes, and optimize application infrastructure, leading to faster product development and more efficient deployment operations.


Extensive command of the AWS tech stack

AWS developers have a deep understanding of the latest best practices for building secure, scalable, and cost-effective cloud-based applications. By adhering to the best Amazon Web Services practices, the decision to hire AWS developers can help organizations optimize their cloud operations and minimize potential risks.


Mastering the full potential of AWS

Leveraging the full potential of AWS for your business: Finally, the truth is that only by hiring experienced AWS developers can you ensure that your organization is maximizing the benefits of cloud computing and this particular service. To fully take advantage of everything Amazon Web Services has to offer, hire AWS developers!

The Advantages of Deciding to Hire AWS Developers Through Blue Coding’s Nearshore Software Development Services

Reasonably priced development talent

The rates to hire AWS developers in Latin America are up to 40% cheaper than in the US and Canada.

An outsourced team that shares your work dynamic

Due to their close proximity to North America, our AWS developers can work alongside your staff during normal business hours. Moreover, their corporate cultures and work ethics are virtually identical.

Hassle-free technical vetting

To guarantee that your business employs the best AWS development talent available, the entirety of the evaluation process is handled by our technical recruiters and expert vetting team.

High English proficiency

Our AWS developers from Latin America are fluent in English and completely prepared to collaborate with North American businesses in a global setting.

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The Blue Coding Recruitment Process


Intake call

The first step of our process is to learn as much about you and your development needs as possible. During our intake call, we’ll go over every key detail necessary to recruit developers who are the right fit for your company. If needed, we are happy to adjust our standard procedures, creating a customized process to accommodate your business’ particular needs.


HR Interview with potential candidates

As the first point of contact with the candidate, our technical recruiters will participate in an hour of engaging conversation with all developers. There are three pillars to this phone interview: technical knowledge, cultural fit, and English proficiency level. Only those who meet our requirements for all three categories will continue with the process.


Live pair-programming session

The final element of our technical recruitment process is to measure the developer’s coding skills through a live assessment with a senior evaluator. We evaluate every candidate beyond technical skills, taking into consideration their problem-solving abilities, and determining whether the candidate will be able to adapt to the fast-paced environment of North American organizations.

The Best Interview Questions To Hire AWS Developers

How do you automate deployments in AWS?

Can you explain what AWS Lambda@Edge is, and how it works?

How do you handle security breaches in AWS?

Can you explain what AWS CloudTrail is, and how it works?

How do you integrate AWS with other services?

Can you explain what AWS Direct Connect is and how it works?

Can you explain what AWS Elastic Load Balancing is, and how it works?

How do you optimize the performance of AWS services?

Hire AWS Developers with the Help of Blue Coding’s Outsourcing Software Development Services


The decision to hire AWS developers can help you optimize your business and make your projects more efficient. However, we know it can sometimes be a challenge to find quality development talent at an affordable price, especially when it comes to specialized professionals such as AWS developers. Our Blue Coding team understands that each project has unique requirements and we have in-depth conversations with our clients to ensure we comprehend their needs and assemble a dedicated AWS development team that aligns with their project's goals. Whether it's a small-scale project or a large enterprise-level solution, we can create a customized AWS development team with the right blend of skills and expertise. Contact us today to learn more about our nearshore staff augmentation services!

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