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Welcome to the Outsourcing Oasis Podcast, your premier destination for insightful conversations and expert analysis on the evolving world of nearshore software development. In each episode, we take you on a deep dive into the strategies, challenges, and successes of outsourcing software development, with a focus on the increasingly popular nearshoring model. Listen to this show to learn more about building outsourced development teams and working remotely with collaborators from all over the world.

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podcast EP 9
Michael Grange

Managing Global Teams with Michael Grange

Michael Grange shares his favorite strategies and advice on how to be successful in building and managing remote software development teams overseas.

podcast EP 8
Charles Palleschi

Hiring Software Dev. in Competitive Markets w. Charles Palleschi

Join us for an in-depth discussion that will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to win the talent war and build a high-performing development team.

podcast EP 7
Charles Max Wood & David Hemmat

How to build a minimum viable product (MVP) without a technical background

On this special edition of the Outsourcing Oasis podcast, the panel focuses on teaching non-technical founders to overcome the challenges of developing an MVP.

podcast EP 6
Don Gregori

Building Lasting Relationships with Don Gregori

Don shares how he went from a client of First Factory to becoming their COO - all starting with a chance encounter with a friend from Highschool.

podcast EP 5
Matt Bader

Evolving an App with Matt Bader, CEO of Exam Master

We examine how Exam Master evolved from a technology standpoint starting back in 1995 when their product was still on a CD-ROM through to today.

podcast EP 4
Deb Cinkus

Becoming a digital nomad with Deb Cinkus

Deb Cinkus shares the story of how she decided to become a digital nomad and move to Guatemala, plus hourly vs nonhourly rates: what's better?

podcast EP 3
Paul Miller

Outsourcing's Three Rules with Paul Miller

We invite Paul Miller to the podcast to share his top three rules for outsourcing and tips for using job boards to hire developers.

podcast EP 2
Rory Laitila

Building a Business with Outsourcing Featuring Rory Laitila

Rory Latitila shares what he learned from outsourcing the software development of his first two business projects, both before graduating from college.

podcast EP 1
Charles Max Wood & David Hemmat

Outsourcing Development & Hiring Remote Nearshore Developers

Tech leaders provide valuable insights and share their strategies for hiring remote nearshore developers and outsourcing software development.