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What is Salesforce Development?

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management system that helps companies manage their sales pipeline, marketing tactics, and customer service operations. Currently, it’s actually the leading CRM system in the world, with an average market share of 19.5% according to IDC. Now, salesforce development involves customizing and integrating Salesforce to fit specific business needs. This is essential to maximizing the benefits of this particular tech stack, and companies that invest in Salesforce development while making the most out of the personalization features enjoy a competitive advantage no matter the eCommerce platform of their choice.

The Key Benefits of Salesforce Development

Better customer relationship management

Salesforce development enables companies to manage all aspects of their customer interactions from a single, unified platform. This includes tracking customer data and history, managing leads and opportunities, automating tasks, and providing personalized service.

Enhanced sales and marketing efforts

The Salesforce platform offers a wide range of applications and tools designed to boost sales efforts, such as lead scoring, opportunity management, and forecasting. By leveraging these capabilities, businesses can better target their audience, generate leads, and convert prospects into customers.

Data analysis opportunities

With Salesforce, your company can have access to a wide range of pre-built reports and dashboards, as well as the ability to create custom reports tailored to their specific needs. This will allow you and your team to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitor trends over time.

Why Should Your Organization Hire Salesforce Developers?

The main reason companies look to hire Salesforce developers is to enhance and customize the platform's features and technological capabilities according to their business goals. These IT professionals will be able to write software on the Salesforce CRM platform or leverage another feature of Salesforce cloud technology to create new websites and develop innovative applications to help you expand your business, usually working with computer code like JavaScript and HTML on a daily basis.


Mobile app development

Salesforce has a powerful application development framework called Salesforce Lightning, allowing these IT professionals to build custom applications beyond those offered by the Salesforce platform. Hiring Salesforce developers allows you to create custom apps to extend the functionality of Salesforce, addressing specific business needs and extending your organization’s reach in the process.


Data management

Salesforce developers can help you optimize data management processes, ensuring data quality, integrity, and security within your Salesforce projects.


Ongoing support and maintenance

Hiring Salesforce developers gives you the peace of mind of knowing you have dedicated resources available to provide ongoing support and maintenance for your Salesforce implementation. These IT specialists can troubleshoot issues, perform regular updates and enhancements, and ensure that your Salesforce instance remains efficient, secure, and aligned with your business needs.

The Advantages of Deciding To Hire Salesforce Developers Through Blue Coding’s Nearshore Software Development Services

Development talent that is reasonably priced

The rates to hire Salesforce developers in Latin America are up to 40% cheaper than in the US and Canada.

An outsourced team that shares your work dynamic

Due to their close proximity to North America, our Salesforce developers can work alongside your staff during normal business hours. Moreover, their corporate cultures and work ethics are virtually identical.

Hassle-free technical vetting

To guarantee that your organization employs the best Salesforce development talent available, the majority of the IT hiring process is handled by our technical recruiters. Every step of the way, including the interview and training, is dealt with by our expert vetting team.

High English proficiency

Our Salesforce developers from Latin America are fluent in English and completely prepared to collaborate with North American businesses in a global setting.

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The Blue Coding Recruitment Process


Initial strategy call

The first step of our process is to learn as much about you and your development needs as possible. During our intake call, we’ll go over every key detail necessary to recruit developers who are the right for your company. This is where you can tell us how you want to customize our standard procedures - if needed.


HR Interview with potential candidates

As the first point of contact with the candidate, our technical recruiters will participate in an hour of engaging conversation with all developers. There are three pillars to this phone interview: technical knowledge, cultural fit, and English proficiency level. Only those who meet the requirements for all three categories will continue with the process.


Live pair-programming session

The final element of our technical recruitment process is to measure the developer’s coding skills through a live assessment with a senior evaluator. We evaluate every candidate beyond technical skills, with critical consideration to whether or not the candidate will be able to adapt to the high-paced environment of North American organizations.

The Best Interview Questions to Hire Salesforce Developers

What experience do you have with the Salesforce platform?

Tell us about a past Apex development project.

What is your experience with Visualforce development?

Have you worked with Lightning Components? Can you give an example of one you've built?

Have you worked with SOQL and SOSL queries? Can you give an example of one you've written?

How do you handle errors in your code?

Can you give an example of how you've debugged an issue in your code?

Have you worked with Salesforce APIs? Which ones have you used and for what purpose?

Hire Salesforce Developers With The Help of Blue Coding’s Nearshore Staff Augmentation Services


The right Salesforce development team can ensure that the applications built on the Salesforce platform are secure, efficient, and user-friendly. Now, we understand that the recruitment process can be a challenging, expensive, and lengthy procedure. That’s why at Blue Coding we offer nearshore software development and IT staff augmentation services to help organizations hire Salesforce developers for a lower price and without having to carry the weight of the hiring process on their backs. Our team of experienced technical vetting professionals will help you hire the right candidates in a matter of days and ensure they check all of your personalized requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you hire Salesforce developers!

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