What is the best option for your product?

Nearshore Development vs Custom Development

There are different options to bring your software projects to completion. You can either expand your existing software development team capacity by hiring nearshore developers or you can ask us for a custom solution where we handle the design, engineering and application maintenance.

What is Nearshore Software Development?

Best of Outsourcing.

This hiring strategy companies take advantage of when they need to outsource certain development tasks or fully-fledged IT roles in the organization to developers who can work in the same time zone.

Quality Developers for a Lower Cost.

The goal is to make coding projects more productive and less costly, thanks to the cheaper development rates and minimal time-zone differences or language barriers that come with hiring LATAM developers.

Manage your Own Development Team.

With nearshore staff augmentation, we recruit a dedicated software development team to work for your company. While we handle the hiring process and ensure payroll and compliance, you’re free and responsible to manage your new developers to maximize project efficiency.

Readiness to Scale.

If your company is growing faster than ever, handling many coding projects at the same time and your core team getting crazy-busy, hiring an outsourced development team will allow you to best support your company’s growth and multiple operations.

Quick facts about Custom Software Development

Tailor-Made Results

With custom development, we commit to development a software product or providing an specific solution that build something heavily tailored to your specific business needs.

Holistic Approach

Custom development allows you to take the heavy development work off your plate, and leave it on the hands of our expert team. We’ll take care of every step of the project’s lifecycle for you, delivering an end result that meets all requirements.

No Need to Hire New Team Members

If you’d rather keep your IT team as it is while outsourcing some of the work, custom development might be the perfect fit for you. This strategy allows you to delegate a project or two without having to onboard new developers into your organization.

Lower Development Costs with Custom Nearshore Solutions

With nearshore custom software development, you can save money on IT costs by outsourcing your work to LATAM experts. Our custom development team has extensive expertise in a variety of projects, allowing you to get high-quality results for a lower price.

Still Can’t Decide? Take our Quiz!

While the two practices may overlap, nearshore staff augmentation and custom software development have distinct differences and do not share common goals. IT staff augmentation focuses on providing medium and long-term additional development resources to a company, while custom nearshore software development services focus on creating a unique solution to a specific problem or application need. It’s best to make an informed decision regarding which service is best for your organization at the moment.

Because we understand this is a crucial choice, our team has put together an online quiz to help you decide. Take our quick Typeform quiz to find out which service is a better fit for your company!

You can also schedule a free discovery call with us to better understand our services and give us insight into your project.

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We help storefronts and online stores improve their customer experience Blue Coding has successfully found the perfect candidates, meeting the needs and requirements of the internal team. Their effective and efficient recruiting process is critical to the project's success. The team's in-depth understanding of the project and accuracy have stood out in the partnership.

Andrew Le

CEO of Cleverific

Blue Coding has been able to find the perfect candidates, leaving their client happy. Their effective and efficient process is noteworthy. The team communicates using Zoom and email and seamlessly adapts to each project stage. Customers can expect a partner that will fulfill their unique needs.

Charles Palleschi

Founder & President of Spark Shipping

The custom development team has been a great partner in both site maintenance and building out new features and functionalities on our Spree website for the past 2+ years. We value their knowledge around the Spree platform and solutions-oriented approach. They have always been reliable, communicative, and highly responsive when we needed them most.

Ashley Kalvin

VP of Marketing and eCommerce at Jenni Kayne