Hire the best C++ Developers in Latin America

Hire the best C++ developers in Latin America with the help of nearshore outsourcing to save money and resources on development costs

What is C++ Development?

C++ is an advanced, object-oriented programming language created to help programmers construct robust and effective applications. This tech stack is an extension of the C programming language and expands on some of its most popular features, providing additional support for tasks and tools like classes, templates, and exception handling. Major corporations like Google, Microsoft, and Meta maintain C++ as a permanent element of their development strategy and utilize it extensively for projects related to game development, embedded systems, high-performance applications, and system programming. Usage of C++ increased by 4.62% in 2022, showing just how relevant this technology is to a variety of organizations, no matter their niche or original location. Currently, C++ is the current top four coding technology on the Tiobe Index, remaining a popular choice for developers and companies looking for development solutions alike.

The Main Benefits of C++ Development

Object-oriented programming

One of the main benefits of C++ is that this particular language supports object-oriented programming, allowing developers to create complex data structures and algorithms that are easier to maintain and reuse. This makes it ideal for large-scale software projects like eCommerce sites and forums, as the code structure is complex enough to handle large amounts of data.

Memory management

Because C++ gives developers control over memory management, they can optimize their code for memory utilization and stay clear of common issues that frequently affect programs that use memory, like memory leaks and buffer overflows.

Cross-platform compatibility

Any C++ code can be compiled and run on a wide variety of platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and other embedded systems. This makes it a popular choice for cross-platform development, as it allows developers to quickly optimize an existing application framework for other systems your company might want to expand to.

High performance

Because C++ is a compiled language, all the work done with it is translated into machine code that runs much faster than normal. This makes it ideal for performance-intensive applications such as video games, high-frequency trading systems, and scientific simulations that require constant interaction and updating.

Why Should You Hire C++ Developers?

Companies that need to create high-performance applications or software that needs low-level hardware access may find it wise to hire qualified C++ developers. Applications can run quicker and consume fewer system resources if code is optimized for speed and efficiency by C++ developers. This can be the programming language your future apps have been waiting for if your company needs to code quickly and effectively for challenging projects. In order for your company to genuinely benefit from integrating this tech stack into any development project, it is vital to recruit someone who is knowledgeable about how to use C++ development, because it does demand a high level of ability and experience. They need to be familiar with the fundamentals of object-oriented programming, as well as data structures, algorithms, and debugging methods. Now, let’s look at the benefits of hiring C++ developers!

Compatibility with and knowledge of C

C++ is compatible with C, as it’s an extension of this programming language. This means that C++ code can be integrated with existing C codebases, making C++ developers knowledgeable in not just one, but two very useful coding technologies.

Increased project efficiency

The C++ programming language provides better control over hardware resources, allowing developers to optimize code for maximum performance. When you hire C++ developers, your company is investing in developing techniques that boost code optimization and efficiency, helping you complete projects within shorter timeframes.

Potential for scalability

With C++ developers also being proficient in C development and its related technologies, and C++ projects being easily scaled and maintained, hiring these IT professionals is a smart move for any growing business. Thanks to the language's modularity and object-oriented design principles, C++ code can be extended or updated without causing disruptions to the entire application system. This makes the decision to hire C++ developers an excellent choice for long-term projects that require ongoing maintenance and complex upgrades.

High demand for C++ skills

By hiring C++ developers, your business can tap into this pool of talent and gain a competitive edge in these industries. C++ is a highly sought-after skill in industries like gaming, finance, telecommunications, and embedded systems. Also, C++ developers possess strong problem-solving skills and a deep understanding of multiple tech stacks, making them valuable assets for any of your company’s projects.

The Advantages of Deciding To Hire C++ Developers Through Blue Coding’s Nearshore Software Development Services

Development talent that is reasonably priced

The rates to hire C++ developers in Latin America are up to 40% cheaper than in the US and Canada.

An outsourced team that shares your work dynamic

Due to their close proximity to North America, our C++ developers can work alongside your staff during normal business hours. Moreover, their corporate cultures and work ethics are virtually identical.

Hassle-free technical vetting

To guarantee that your business employs the best C++ development talent available, the entirety of the IT hiring process is handled by our technical recruiters and expert vetting team.

High English proficiency

Our C++ developers from Latin America are fluent in English and completely prepared to collaborate with North American businesses in a global setting.

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The Blue Coding Recruitment Process


Intake call

The first step of our process is to learn as much about you and your development needs as possible. During our intake call, we’ll go over every key detail necessary to recruit developers who are the right fit for your company. If needed, we are happy to adjust our standard procedures, creating a customized process to accommodate your business’ particular needs.


HR Interview with potential candidates

As the first point of contact with the candidate, our technical recruiters will participate in an hour of engaging conversation with all developers. There are three pillars to this phone interview: technical knowledge, cultural fit, and English proficiency level. Only those who meet our requirements for all three categories will continue with the process.


Live pair-programming session

The final element of our technical recruitment process is to measure the developer’s coding skills through a live assessment with a senior evaluator. We evaluate every candidate beyond technical skills, taking into consideration their problem-solving abilities, and determining whether the candidate will be able to adapt to the fast-paced environment of North American organizations.

The Best Interview Questions To Hire C++ Developers

What inspired you to learn C++?

What is the difference between C++ and other programming languages?

What is an object in C++? How is it different from a class?

What is polymorphism in C++? How is it achieved?

What is a constructor in C++? How is it different from a destructor?

What are access specifiers in C++? How do they affect class members?

What is inheritance in C++? What are the types of inheritance?

Hire C++ Developers with the Help of Blue Coding’s Nearshore Outsourcing Services

At Blue Coding, we offer modern nearshore outsourcing solutions to help you find cost-efficient C++ development solutions by hiring LATAM developers proficient in various languages and tech stacks, including C++. Our goal is for you to be able to create a talented team of developers without the hefty costs related to conventional hiring techniques. We maximize the benefits of nearshore development, helping you hire C++ development talent from countries with lower coding rates and ensuring a high level of staff flexibility in every contract. You can access a talented pool of developers with a variety of skill sets and experience levels through our nearshore staff augmentation services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you hire C++ developers!

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