Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing

Bring your software concepts to life with custom digital solutions.

In the fast-moving SaaS world, success comes from having the right software to solve your customers’ problems. We deliver custom-built software to set your business apart.

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Need a reliable software solution that works at scale? Let's make it happen.

Nearshore custom software development services

From ideation, to UI/UX, to engineering, and finally to lifecycle management, we build custom products to address your business’ unique needs.

Custom development

We believe that good software development means solving problems. We work with you to ensure that each of your business needs is addressed, providing functional solutions.
Through our high-touch consultative approach, we seek to identify and address issues before they arise, so you end up with software that will stand the test of time.

Engagement models

Have a product built using legacy code that needs to be brought to the modern era?
We have deep expertise in updating projects, identifying the best way to modernize your legacy software, as well as opportunities to improve the existing product.


We'll identify your software needs and create a tailor-made plan to implement quality and cost-effective custom development solutions for your business.


Sit down with our experts to describe your desired outcomes. Our experienced technology professionals will take a deep dive into your business, seeking to understand your market, potential pain points, and business drivers, in order to craft a custom solution.

Blue Coding’s full lifecycle software development process

We apply a holistic and methodical approach to projects both large and small. Depending on the project’s needs, we use Agile, Scrum, and Kanban methodologies to deliver products that exceed our clients’ expectations every time.


Once we’ve defined a plan, it’s time to determine how it will look. Whether it’s a standalone product or a full site redesign, our team of talented UI/UX designers will create mockups and wireframes using industry-best design principles to achieve desired outcomes.


With the design defined and approved by you, the next step is to build it! This is where our experienced engineers take over, selecting the best technologies to accomplish the core functions of your site. Whether it’s fluid integrations or back end heavy number crunching, our programmers will determine the most effective way to build your product. In this stage, we test and ensure everything is working as expected – and if not, we go back to the drawing board until it is.


Once the product is working properly and with your signoff, it’s time to launch. From here, we help you constantly monitor performance and optimize – it’s not enough to provide you with the final product, we want to make sure it’s living up to your expectations.


Our job doesn’t end when your product is launched. We are with you every step of the way to maintain your site, platform, or app, and make sure it continues to meet your needs.

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