About us

Since 2014 Blue Coding has been helping North American companies hire the top software engineers in Latin America through our specialized staffing and recruitment services.

We follow a carefully designed vetting process that is customized for each project, ensuring that all of our software developers are the right technical and cultural fit for our clients.

We offer staffing services for those seeking to expand their team with software developers from Central and South America, and can assemble hand-picked teams on short notice for your projects.

Our team has worked with a wide array of technologies and have expertise in every stage of the software development process. Whatever you're looking for, we've got developers who will fit your needs. Drop us a line to find yours.

What we value

Hard work

Our core team and developers

Alejandra Renteria

Business Development Coordinator

David Hemmat

Founder and CEO

Enrique Uviñas

Full Stack Developer

Gabriel González

Full Stack Developer

Gustavo Toro

Full Stack Developer

Jose Amador

Project Manager

Martina Carpio

Recruitment Coordinator

Max Barrera

Marketing Coordinator

Michael Romano

Engineering Lead

Nelson Grullon

Recruitment Analyst

Pamela Bautitsta

Accounting Assistant

Piero Zimichi

Business Development Respresentative

Rebeca Ovalles

Organizational Development Coordinator

Robert Marcelino

Full Stack Developer

Shannon Towle

Business Development Coordinator

Tupac Peralta

Accounting and Finance

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