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Whether you're looking to accelerate the hiring process, develop a revolutionary new product, or need help with any other stage of the software delivery process, we work hard for your success.

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Why Nearshore Development?

Outsourced software development allows you to quickly and effectively build quality software for less. By offloading tasks to a dedicated team or company, you can focus on your core business while still advancing other projects that require software development.

Traditional offshore outsourcing can present a host of challenges, such as poor cultural fit and no time zone overlap (leading to slow communication and issues meeting deadlines).

Best of both worlds

However, nearshore software development offers the best of both worlds – high-quality engineers and software, with more competitive rates than local markets.

Engagement models

There are a variety of engagement models for outsourcing software development, including staff augmentation, managed software development services, and full-cycle custom development.

Digital transformation

From ideation to engineering and lifecycle management, nearshore software development companies like Blue Coding can provide the expertise you need for your digital transformation.

Benefits of nearshore software development

Time zone overlap

Working with nearshore developers in Latin America allows you to communicate in realtime, ideal for methodologies like Scrum and Agile.

Cultural parity

Due to the proximity and cultural overlap, Latin America is closely aligned with the working norms and culture of the US, making communication effortless and easy.

Access to more talent

Latin America is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world for nearshore software development talent.

Industry experience

Developers in Latin America not only have experience in today’s most popular programming languages but, they're also knowledgeable in cutting-edge industries, such as fintech, payment processing, AI, next-gen telecoms, and other relevant technologies.

Cost efficiency

With so many countries to choose from in Latin America, you’re able to find the right engineers at the right price, depending on what you need.


As remote work becomes more normalized, companies enjoy the flexibility that comes from being able to hire developers from anywhere in the world.

Software Development Outsourcing Services


Staff augmentation

We handle the recruitment process from start to finish, freeing you up to generate results.


Managed Services

The benefit of having a fully staffed software development team – at a fraction of the cost.


Custom Development

You provide the vision. We provide the expertise and talent to bring your vision to life.

What our
clients say

We help storefronts and online stores improve their customer experience Blue Coding has successfully found the perfect candidates, meeting the needs and requirements of the internal team. Their effective and efficient recruiting process is critical to the project's success. The team's in-depth understanding of the project and accuracy have stood out in the partnership.

Andrew Le

CEO of Cleverific

Blue Coding has been able to find the perfect candidates, leaving their client happy. Their effective and efficient process is noteworthy. The team communicates using Zoom and email and seamlessly adapts to each project stage. Customers can expect a partner that will fulfill their unique needs.

Charles Palleschi

Founder & President of Spark Shipping

The custom development team has been a great partner in both site maintenance and building out new features and functionalities on our Spree website for the past 2+ years. We value their knowledge around the Spree platform and solutions-oriented approach. They have always been reliable, communicative, and highly responsive when we needed them most.

Ashley Kalvin

VP of Marketing and eCommerce at Jenni Kayne