Hire the best SQL Developers in Latin America

Hire the best SQL developers in Latin America with nearshore software development to save money on development costs

What Is SQL Development?

SQL, or Structured Query Language, is a programming language used by software developers to create and manage relational databases. It currently holds the highest market share among all types of databases, with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, and SQLite being the most popular. SQL has grown in popularity thanks to the data-driven nature of modern businesses, becoming their technology of choice by allowing them to manage, analyze, and manipulate data in a structured manner. This tech stack works wonders with information, and should be at the top of your list when it comes to managing online data.

The Main Benefits Of SQL Development

Great business scalability

SQL databases can be scaled up or down depending on business needs, helping you grow as you improve your development results. There's no need to worry about maxing out the platforms, instead, SQL developers can easily add more data to the database without sacrificing performance to ensure your company's growth is supported at all times.

Rapid results

With SQL's rapid application development, developers can create brand-new applications faster by optimizing the coding process. This language provides a simple and intuitive interface for its professionals to interact with databases, enabling them to create applications with minimal coding.

High data security

As the top database technology in the world, SQL provides robust security features to help protect sensitive data. It offers role-based access control, encryption, and other security measures to ensure that your company’s information remains safe and confidential at all times.

Data consistency

SQL databases allow businesses to rely on the accuracy of this language's data to make informed decisions related to user behavior, demographics, and other key statistics. Thanks to the way this technology ensures your data is always consistent across all records, the risk of data duplication, information errors, and other common inconsistencies are all minimized.

Why Should You Hire SQL Developers?


There are many SQL developers around the globe with the necessary knowledge and skillset. This opens the possibility of hiring nearshore SQL developers, involving lower costs than hiring developers from your local IT talent market, as development rates in nearshore locations such as LATAM are cheaper while still maintaining high-quality results.

In-depth data analysis

SQL developers can help you analyze your data to gain insights into your business and make informed decisions. This can give you access to reports and visualizations to help you understand user behavior by creating complex queries to extract and manipulate all relevant data.

Performance optimization

If your organization wants to improve application performance and reduce response times, then the decision to hire SQL developers will be game-changing for your business. These IT professionals can optimize your database performance by fine-tuning queries, indexing data, and optimizing database configurations.

Easily customized solutions

When you hire SQL developers, you gain access to customized development solutions tailored to your organization's unique IT problems and tech-related needs. SQL developers can create solutions to meet your specific requirements, further advancing cost efficiency and ensuring the end results will be the right fit for your business.

The Advantages of Deciding To Hire SQL Developers Through Blue Coding’s Nearshore Staff Augmentation Services

Development talent that is reasonably priced

SQL developer rates in Latin America are up to 40% cheaper than in the US and Canada.

Hassle-free technical vetting

To guarantee that your business employs the best SQL development talent available, the majority of the IT hiring process is handled by our technical recruiters. Everything, including the interview and training, is handled by our expert vetting team.

An outsourced team that shares your work dynamic

Due to their close proximity to North America, our SQL developers can work alongside your staff during normal business hours. Moreover, their corporate cultures and work ethics are virtually identical.

High English proficiency

LATAM DevOps developers have a strong command of the English language and are fully ready to work with North American companies in an international work environment.

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The Blue Coding Recruitment Process


Initial strategy call

The first step of our process is to learn as much about you and your development needs as possible. During our intake call, we’ll go over every key detail necessary to recruit developers who are the right for your company. This is where you can tell us how you want to customize our standard procedures - as needed.


HR Interview with potential candidates

As the first point of contact with the candidate, our technical recruiters will participate in an hour of engaging conversation with all developers. There are three pillars to this phone interview: technical knowledge, cultural fit, and English proficiency level. Only those who meet the requirements for all three categories will continue with the process.


Live pair-programming session

The final element of our technical recruitment process is to measure the developer’s coding skills through a live assessment with a senior evaluator. We evaluate every candidate beyond technical skills, with critical consideration to whether or not the candidate will be able to adapt to the high-paced environment of North American organizations.

The Best Interview Questions To Hire SQL Developers

What is SQL, and what is it used for?

How do you ensure a non-clustered index?

What is normalization, and why is it important in database design?

Can you explain the ACID properties of a database transaction?

Does SQL support multiple programming language features?

What sets SQL apart from other database technologies available?

Hire SQL Developers With The Help of Blue Coding’s Nearshore Staff Augmentation Services

At Blue Coding, we work with a large, global network of programmers, including SQL specialists. While we are aware of the fact that the software development market is getting more and more competitive every year, nearshoring's growth has also opened up new possibilities for employing remote IT specialists. Throughout the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, and other regions, our broad network of recruiters and developers is highly active and consistently vetting the highest-level talent available. Contact us today to learn how we can help you hire SQL developers for a lower cost!

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