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Remote Developer Onboarding Guide & Template

07 Jul • 1 min Read

At Blue Coding, we’ve onboarded hundreds of software developers onto a wide variety of teams over the years, from complete teams with both on-site and remote developers to one-man operations bringing on their first engineer.

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Successfully Transitioning from an Onsite to a Fully Remote Team (Webinar)

06 Jul • 1 min Read

Lockdowns all over the world due to COVID-19 have forced companies to transition quickly from in-office to remote work, leaving many companies struggling to adjust to the unfamiliar demands of managing a remote workforce.

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Outsourcing Oasis: How to Hire in Competitive Markets with Charles Palleschi

12 Jun • 2 min Read

This week we welcome the president of Spark Shipping, Charles Palleschi to the show to talk about what it's like hiring in a competitive market.

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Outsourcing Oasis: How To Hire Developers Without Technical Skills

21 May • 3 min Read

On this special edition of the Outsourcing Oasis podcast, the panel focuses on teaching non-technical founders to overcome the challenges of developing an MVP.

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Staying Safe: Cleaning Your Workspace & Electronics

08 May • 9 min Read

Studies have shown that Coronavirus can last for up to 3 days on stainless steel and plastic surfaces - learn how to keep your workspace clean and safe.

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Hiring Locally vs. Remote: What Are The Pros & Cons

07 May • 6 min Read

When trying to decide between hiring remotely or locally it’s important to consider all angles and decide what suits your business best before making a decision.

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Outsourcing Oasis: Building Lasting Relationships With Your Clients

28 Apr • 2 min Read

Don & David discuss how to make sure your not only meeting your client's needs but you're also forming valuable and long-lasting relationships.

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Outsourcing Oasis Podcast: Evolving An App

23 Apr • 2 min Read

We examine how Exam Master evolved from a technology standpoint starting back in 1995 when their product was still on a CD-ROM through to today.

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The Outsourcing Oasis Podcast: Outsourcing as an Expatriate with Deb Cinkus

17 Apr • 2 min Read

The panel talks about dealing with staff rotation, hourly vs not hourly, how to be proactive when you’re on a retainer, and more.

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The Outsourcing Oasis Podcast: The Three Rules for Outsourcing with Paul Miller

17 Apr • 3 min Read

Our panelists discuss using job boards, Paul's top three rules for outsourcing, hiring in the Philippines, Battlestar Gallactica, and more.

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Outsourcing Oasis Podcast: How To Effectively Outsource Development

16 Apr • 3 min Read

Our panelists give you the rundown on how to outsource effectively, when and when not to outsource, and more.

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Outsourcing Oasis Podcast: Welcome To Outsourcing

07 Apr • 3 min Read

Hear first hand from tech leaders about their experience with Outsourcing, we dive deep into the challenges and trade-offs of running an outsourced organization.

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Telecommuting: Quit your office job and start working from home

31 Mar • 11 min Read

Making the transition from a conventional job can bring about its own challenges, so it’s important that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

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Becoming A Top Remote Developer (Part 2): Be Visible

31 Mar • 11 min Read

Your visibility isn't only important so that you get credit for your work, but it's also instrumental in helping your team make the right choices when distributing work.

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Becoming A Top Remote Developer (Part 1): Be Reachable

30 Mar • 7 min Read

For the first part of our blog series on how to become a top remote developer, we focus on how to make yourself reachable and what does being "reachable" really mean when working remotely.

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Feedback: a critical element for remote team management.

30 Mar • 11 min Read

We talk about why feedback is important and what tools and processes to use to make providing feedback to your remote teams easier.

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5 Axioms Of Communication: Communicating Better At Work

27 Mar • 12 min Read

We look at the five axioms communication as defined by Paul Watzlawick - learn how to apply his theory and communicate better at work.

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Thinking About Outsourcing To Latin America? Here Are The Pros & Cons

27 Mar • 6 min Read

Outsourcing development can help increase code quality and reduce costs. Here's what you need to know if you're considering outsourcing development.

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Why Time Tracking Is Important (Remote Teams)

27 Mar • 9 min Read

While time tracking requires some extra work and a little mental effort, it is an important tool for bridging part of the gaps that make remote teamwork challenging.

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Get More Done While Working From Home: 8 Productivity Tips For Working Remotely

19 Mar • 14 min Read

We’re sharing our favorite tips for creating a productive work from home environment. Find out how to stay productive while enjoying the comforts of home.

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The Great Work-from-Home Experiment of 2020

19 Mar • 5 min Read

Companies are asking their employees to work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic—launching the world's largest work from home experiment.

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Becoming A Top Remote Developer (Part 3): Be Communicative.

27 Nov • 9 min Read

Communication doesn’t come naturally to everyone and remote work requires special efforts to be made. Let’s explore some of the tactics our team uses to ensure we're communicating effectively.

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