Outsourcing Oasis:002

We’re kicking off the Outsourcing Oasis podcast with a bang! We brought Rory Laitila on the show, to talk about his experience with outsourcing. Rory is the Director of Services at itr8group.

Rory helps CEO’s to grow revenue with software, helping them scale through automation and build out their systems. Throughout the podcast, our panelists share advice on how to outsource effectively. They cover topics such as: what to outsource, how to get the most out of outsourcing, and what to look for in development partner.

If you have some interesting experiences you would like to share on the show, feel free to shoot us an email at outsourcingoasis@bluecoding.com and we can connect.


  • (Host)Charles Max Wood

  • (Co-host) David Hemmat

  • (Guest) Rory Laitila

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