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15 Questions Every Remote Developer Should Ask During An Interview

Remote interviews are never easy, just like any other part of the hiring process. It’s normal to feel anxious beforehand and be a little nervous about what to say and which questions to ask at the end. Still, considering that only 20% of applicants get to the interview portion of the process, chances are they already consider you a strong software development candidate. 

Now, it’s extremely important that you do your best in the interview and impress your interviewer with your extensive knowledge, passion, and experience. But even if you nail your interview, all that effort could be tainted by a lack of engagement once the interviewer asks if you have any questions. You should always say yes! That’s why we created a quick roundup of the best interview questions for developers. Keep reading to learn which questions every remote developer should ask during an interview!

The best interview questions for developers to ask their interviewer

1. How does this role fit within your software development strategy?

2. What are the expectations for the position? Will they change over time?

3. How do you measure the success of your software developers?

4. What does the communication between project managers and developers look like?

5. How do you maintain an optimal team synergy with your remote developers?

6. Do you have any special activities for remote developers, like Hackathons and junior mentorship programs?

7. What does your automated testing process look like?

8. What metrics and analytics will you track to determine the success of this position?

9. Do you have any tech debt you’re currently working on?

10. What is the company’s main software development priority right now?

11. Are you open to experimenting with new technologies?

12. How do you prioritize with software-related tasks developers are assigned?

13. What software development methodology does your coding team work with?

14. Do your development teams conduct peer code reviews often?

15. Do you have any doubts about my ability to be the perfect match for this position? If so, how can I address these concerns? 

Need help finding remote development jobs?

Now that you know which questions every remote developer should ask during an interview, t’s time to start participating in different hiring processes. At Blue Coding, we can connect you with North American companies looking to hire nearshore developers in Latin America. Contact us to learn how to apply to join us! 

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