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02 Dec 2022

Java Developer Interview Questions: The Greatest 20

It’s no secret that the object-oriented and platform-independent Java programming language is widely used to build web and mobile applications. According to a 2022 Statista survey, 33.27% of respondents used Java on a regular basis during 2022. Now, with Java being one of the top 5 most used programming languages by IT professionals across the world, many companies have started incorporating more Java developers into their teams. Still, organizations new to IT hiring, especially when it comes to outsourcing developers, can have trouble figuring out what to ask these professionals in an interview. That’s why today we’re showing you the best interview questions for Java developers! 

What do Java developers do?

While interview questions for Java developers help you determine the level of expertise of a candidate, as well as aid you in looking out for a few key red flags, it’s important to first undertones what exactly is the role of a Java professional. Java developers are responsible for the creation, design, development, and upkeeping of mobile or web Java-based applications. These IT professionals often work alongside web designers, QA engineers, and content creators to maintain different applications performing at the highest level possible. Many Java developers are also proficient in other tech stacks, especially programming languages that descend from it, such as PHP, JavaScript, and Python. 

20 Best Interview Questions for Java Developers 

  1. What are your favorite features of the Java Programming Language?

  2. How do you use composition in Java?

  3. Why aren’t pointers used in Java?

  4. How do you think Java and Javascript best complement one another?

  5. What is a 2-phase commit protocol and when you should use one?

  6. How would you go about sorting an array in Java?

  7. What Java programming tools do you use the most?

  8. What is a Java Classloader?

  9. Why is reflection so important in Java?

  10. What would you say are the core differences between C++ and Java?

  11. How many types of Memory Allocations are available in Java?

  12. How do packages help you as a developer?

  13. What is the Java String Pool?

  14. What would you do regarding Pattern Programs in Java?

  15. What’s your opinion on microservice architecture in Java? 

  16. What is the Java heap? 

  17. What are the differences between shallow copy and deep copy in Java? 

  18. How do you conduct data encapsulation in Java?

  19. How do you perform constructor chaining?

  20. How do you handle volatile keywords in Java? 

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