Outsourcing Oasis: Building Lasting Relationships With Your Clients

  • 28 Apr • 2020
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This week we invite Don Gregori COO at First Factory on the show. Don talks about how he first became a customer of First Factory and later transitioned to COO - all starting with a chance encounter with an old friend online. Don isn't a developer but he does understand user experience and excels at creating enjoyable experiences for his clients.  

Don & David discuss how to make sure your not only meeting your client's needs but you're also forming valuable and long-lasting relationships. 

If you have some interesting experiences you would like to share on the show, feel free to shoot us an email at outsourcingoasis@bluecoding.com and we can connect.


  • David Hemmat
  • Charles Max Wood


  • Don Gregori


Don Gregori:

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