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07 Jan 2021

Top 13 Dev Podcasts for Upgrading your Programming Skills

Best (Tech Agnostic) Software Development Podcasts 


cover image Syntax podcast

Hosted by well-respected instructors and Youtubers Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski creators of some of the best web development content online. We recommend Syntax not only for learning but also for entertainment. 

Follow the inclusive, easy to understand technical discussions led by Wes and Scott twice a week covering the latest best practices and advancements in the world of web development.

Syntax is not only a must for any type of web developer it’s especially useful for Javascript developers, as Wes and Bos are two of the very best at explaining things like GraphQL, React, Nodejs, and tooling. You might also recognize Scott as the creator of Level Up Tutorials, an online resource for up and coming developers.  

The Changelog

change log podcasts album art

Hosted by Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo the show is about software development and open source technologies. Jerod and Adam interview the developers, innovators, and tech leaders behind the code that is changing our future. The show is technology-agnostic so no matter what programming language or platform you use you’ll be able to find something useful.   

Shoptalk Show

shop talk podcasts album art

Led by Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier, Shoptalk focuses heavily on front end UI/UX but also covers other topics related to building websites like responsive design, performance, accessibility, SEO, Javascript, and SASS.

Chris is the co-founder of CodePen and creator of CSS tricks, two resources every developer is likely to be familiar with and Dave is the lead developer at Paravel a web design shop based in Texas. 

Together they join in discussions with a new guest each week to talk about what’s going on in the world of web development.   


boagworld podcasts album art

Boagworld is an award-winning podcast named after host and founder Paul Boag, an author and consultant who’s been working in digital for over 25 years. He’s a master of the web specializing in user experience, conversion rate optimization, and digital transformation.

The combination of Paul and co-host Mark’s distinctly British humor and deep understanding of digital strategy make for one of the most informative yet fun to listen to podcasts on the list.  

Not only is the show fun-to-listen-to it’s also the longest-running podcast on web design, amassing a HUGE library of content over the last 15 years.     

The Big Web Show

The big web show podcasts album art

The Big Web Show is an award-winning podcast hosted by Jefferey Zeldman that talks about everything that matters related to the web. Jeffrey and his guests discuss topics like content strategy, art direction, web publishing,  new technologies, and more. 

Of all the shows on the list, this show probably has one of the largest audiences. In part, because they don’t just focus on development they also talk extensively about other aspects of the web like content and design.    

The Hanselminutes Podcast

Hanselminutes podcasts album art

Named after host Scott Hanselman, a speaker, author, professor, and Youtuber that has been writing code for more than two decades. The show has been providing the developer community with valuable insight on a wide range of topics including coding, technology, gadgets, entrepreneurship, and above all else the open web.   

Fullstack radio

fullstack podcasts album art

A well-rounded podcast for new and experienced developers alike Fullstack Radio was started by host Adam Wathan in 2014. Adam is an author, developer, and entrepreneur best known for his work on Tailwind CSS. 

Adam interviews influential figures in the software industry picking their brain through fascinating technical interviews. The show explores a variety of topics ranging from product design and user experience to unite testing and system administration.  

Dev Podcasts (Programming Languages) 

Ruby on Rails Podcast

ruby on rails podcasts album art

Ruby on Rails Podcast hosted by Brittany Martin a.k.a “Norma Skates” feels like an intimate chat between friends. She invites a new guest on the show each week to discuss topics centered around Ruby on Rails, open-source software, and the programming profession in general. The show is fun to listen to and structured in a way that provides a ton of value.   

“Norma Skates” is Brittany’s roller derby alter ego. That’s right, not only is Brittany a programmer but she’s also a fitness advocate and feels passionate about making the software development industry more diverse.

Ruby Rogues  

ruby rogues podcasts album art

A must for all Ruby on Rails enthusiasts. Ruby Rogues is a weekly discussion featuring leading minds from the RoR community and a rotating panel of hosts including Charles Max Wood, Dave Kimura, John Epperson, and Luke Stutters. The show touches on a variety of topics including the latest advancements in Ruby on Rails as well as providing career advice for up and coming RoR developers. 

Whether you’re looking to learn new skills to help advance your career or just want to hear insightful discussions related to your favorite programming language, Ruby Rogues has what you’re looking for!

Javascript Jabber

Javascript Jabbers podcasts album art

Javascript Jabbers has been bringing it’s listeners the latest and greatest from the world of javascript on a weekly basis for nearly a decade. The show features a panel of rotating hosts including Aj O’Neal, Aimee Knight, Charles Max Wood, and Steve Edwards. They usually interview a new guest each week taking on a plethora of topics including functional programming, coding environments, design patterns and MUCH more. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a frontend developer, backend developer, or a full-stack developer if you’re interested in web development or javascript then you must check out’s Javascript Jabbers. 

.Net Rocks

.Net Rocks podcast album art

Launched in 2002 by Carl Franklin, creator of Music to code by, the show is aptly named after two of Carl’s favorite things in life: music and software development. 

Carl is not only a talented musician but he’s also a regional director at Microsoft with over 20 years of experience in the software industry. Originally featured as a guest on the show, co-host Richard Campbell formed a lasting friendship with Carl that eventually flourished into a partnership signing on as a co-host in early 2005. Richard is also a regional director at Microsoft and is recognized as a Microsoft MVP in the area of ASP.NET development. 

Needless to say, the show focuses on the Microsoft .NET platform covering everything from introductory topics to hardcore geeky stuff. It doesn’t matter if you’re an aspiring .Net developer or an old pro these are the two guys you want to be learning from when it comes to the .NET ecosystem. 

Talk python to me

Talk Python To Me podcast album art

This weekly show immerses you in the cutting edge world of python development covering the language, the libraries, the ecosystem, and the personalities. The show features a combination of both panel-style discussions and one on one interviews covering a variety of topics including the latest updates, best practices, and major events in python development.

Soon to record their 300th episode the show was started in 2015 by host Michael Kennedy in response to the lack of python oriented podcasts available at the time.  


the python podcast album art

The show was started by host Tobias Macey in 2014, Tobias is the leader of the technical operations team at MIT Open Learning. On a weekly basis, Tobias sits down with Python experts to share insight on the latest projects, platforms, and practices you need to know about to advance your career in any python related field. The show is formatted in a way to provide the most value for your time spent listening. 

Follow the show to learn about a diverse range of topics including data science, web application development, DevOps, machine learning, open-source sustainability, among many others. 

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