Software Development & Staff Augmentation

At Blue Coding we help you scale your existing software development team or build a tailored team for your project. We work with the top developers in Latin America to provide an affordable solution to your software engineering staffing needs.

All of our developers have a track record of successful projects. Our proven vetting process ensures that our engineers have the right mix of technical and soft skills to make your projects successful.

Web Development, icons showing the building of web pages
Web Development
  • HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Less
  • Javascript, Node.js, Angular, ReactJS, VueJS and others
  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Spree
  • Python, Django, Flask
  • PHP, Wordpress, Laravel
  • .NET, C#, Java, Scala
Mobile App Development, icon showing a hand holding a mobile device
Mobile Development
  • iOS, Swift & Objective C
  • Android, Java & Kotlin
  • React Native
  • Xamarin, Cordoba
  • Mobile first development
  • Progressive web apps
icon of half of a gear and a pencil representing design
  • UI/UX design
  • Responsive web design
  • Adaptive web design
  • Mobile first design
  • Graphic design
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Other Work
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management
  • Product Ownership
  • DevOps Consulting
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Nearshore Staff Augmentation

Our highly skilled developers from across the Americas are ready to join your existing team and help you get your project done on time and within budget. Our staffing service allows you to grow your team on demand.

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Outsourced Engineering Teams

We assemble a hand-picked team of top notch software engineers to work under your supervision. Our team members have experience working together and their multidisciplinary skill sets allow them to build complex products in an effective manner.

Fair Rates - small icon of a contract

Fair rates

Outsourcing software development is an attractive for many companies looking to keep costs low without sacrificing the quality of their product. Our rates allow us to offer competitive wages in our developers' local markets while reducing our client's development costs.

Low risk outsourcing - icon showing hand holding money

Low risk

Our experienced developers and our solid vetting process ensure you have a competent team working on your project. Our contracts are flexible and allow you to scale your team as needed.

Getting started

Hiring a team or an individual developer with Blue Coding is easy. Here's how it works:

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    Let's discuss your project

    We start our discovery process by speaking with your key team members. We identify what you are looking for in a software developer, designer or project manager, and what skills and qualities are important for your project. Based on these conversations, we create a profile of the different roles we need to fill for your team.

  • Identify the right developers - binocular icon
    We identify the right team members

    After our discovery process, we begin identifying candidates that are a good fit for your team’s needs. We search through our extensive database of developers, finding those that have a track record on similar projects. All of our developers go through our thorough vetting process to ensure a good fit for your projects and team.

  • Meet your new developer - icon showing two figures talking
    Meet the team

    When we’ve identified the right team members, we present you with profiles that include a brief on their work, previous projects, and their development experience. Next, we arrange an introductory call so that you can meet the team members.

  • Start working with your developer - icon showing hands shaking
    Start working

    Once we've assembled the right team, we simply need to set a start date. Blue Coding will check in regularly with your team to make sure things are going smoothly, but will allow you to lead your project and have full control over the team. We provide all the support you need to ensure a successful working relationship.

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