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14 Jul 2023

10 Most Popular And Easily Outsourced Development Roles

When it comes to cost-effective development strategies, outsourcing will always come up at the very top of the list. This practice is extremely popular, with recent statistics showing that, across various sectors, an average of almost 60% of organizations outsource their development solutions. Now, there are different outsourced development roles a company could choose to hire. This blog post will help you identify the key ones and better assess if they’re a good match for your outsourcing needs. Keep reading to find out about the most popular outsourced development roles! 

What Is An Outsourced Development Team? 

An outsourced development team refers to a group of professionals or developers who are hired by a company or organization from an external service provider or outsourcing company to handle specific development projects or tasks. Rather than maintaining an in-house team, the company delegates the development responsibilities to the outsourced team, located in a different country or region - usually a nearshore one. 

For companies in need of an outsourced development team, this typically consists of individuals with expertise in various development roles such as web development, mobile app development, software engineering, or other specialized areas. These IT professionals work remotely and collaborate with the client company through communication tools and project management systems to deliver the required development services or solutions. Outsourcing development teams provide businesses with access to a diverse range of skills, cost-efficiency, scalability, and flexibility in managing their development projects.

The 10 Most Popular And Easily Outsourced Development Roles

1. Web developers.

Web developers are one of the most popular outsourced development roles out there. They design, code, and modify websites, ensuring a user-friendly design and clear navigation. Due to the ever-encompassing nature of web presence in today's businesses, this role is frequently outsourced to save on costs and leverage international talent as the tasks required are usually quite considerable. 

2. Mobile App developers.

Mobile app developers are instrumental in creating software for various mobile platforms, including the popular iOS and Google Play. The rise in mobile usage has propelled this role into high demand, and now businesses often outsource app development to benefit from diverse expertise and cost efficiencies.

3. UI/UX designers.

UI/UX designers improve the user interface and overall experience on a variety of digital platforms. Their role directly impacts customer satisfaction and engagement. Since this role requires specialized skills, it's often outsourced to get the best talent without geographical constraints during the hiring process. 

4. Front-end developers.

Front-end developers work on everything visible to users on digital platforms. Despite being integral to user experience, their role is often outsourced due to the broad availability of skilled developers worldwide and the ability to complete the job remotely without incurring in offie-maintenance costs. 

5. Back-end developers.

Back-end developers are responsible for server-side web application logic. They ensure that everything works smoothly behind the scenes. Businesses frequently outsource this role because it doesn't require in-person presence and can thus be performed by skilled professionals anywhere in the world.

6. Full-stack developers.

Full-stack developers juggle both front-end and back-end development. Their comprehensive skill set makes them highly valuable. Outsourcing this role enables businesses to gain from their wide range of expertise without having to accommodate a full-time position.

7. Software engineers.

Software engineers design, develop, test, and maintain software systems. Their work is fundamental in creating efficient digital operations. This role is often outsourced due to its project-based nature and the high availability of talented software engineers globally.

8. Data scientists and analysts. 

Data scientists convert raw data into meaningful insights that can drive decision-making processes. Outsourcing this role allows businesses to access top-notch data analysis skills on a project basis without committing to full-time salaries.

9. DevOps engineers.

DevOps engineers work on improving collaboration between development and operations teams, optimizing productivity. Their versatile skillset makes them popular candidates for outsourcing, as their services can be contracted on a need basis.

10. Quality assurance (QA) analysts.

QA analysts ensure that software products are of high quality by identifying bugs and issues before they reach consumers. These roles are often outsourced as they don't require physical presence, making them ideal for remote work conditions.

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