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28 Dec 2022

Which Businesses Require An External Development Team?

There’s been a lot of talk about nearshore outsourcing development solutions in the last few months. Starting with the 2022 tech market crash and following the end-of-the-year hiring frenzy, companies have been looking for effective ways to hire developers while keeping their costs low - without compromising the quality of any results. Now, as hiring managers look to build stable 2023 divisions, the possibility of starting to outsource development team members is looking stronger than ever. Still, not every company needs an outsourced development team. That’s why we created a quick guide to help you determine whether outsourcing development is the best way to move forward for your organization!

What is outsourcing development all about?

Outsourcing development is the practice of hiring remote developers from either nearshore or offshore locations, with Latin America, India, and Eastern Europe being a few of the most popular regions to recruit from. Usually, at least when hiring from nearby countries, organizations contact a nearshore software development company to help them outsource development team members more quickly. These outsourced team members work remotely on your development projects and track their progress using different project management tools for remote teams. 

Why should you hire LATAM developers as an outsourced development team?

While it’s easy to see the appeal in hiring an outsourced development team, sometimes it can be challenging to pick where to hire from, especially if your company has never ventured into IT staff augmentation before. Because of that, it’s important to know that when you hire LATAM developers you’re not only getting top-notch IT professionals for a fantastic price, but your company also gains a much-useful peace of mind. Why? Because knowing your outsourced developers have great English proficiency, can work within US business hours, and will face almost no cultural differences from the rest of your team will allow you to pursue outsourcing development with a far more confident stance. When you hire Latin American developers, you can rest assured that both the coding solutions and outsourced development team experience will be of the highest quality possible. You can learn more about why companies hire LATAM developers here

What companies need to hire an outsourced development team?

Organizations that are actively expanding. 

An outsourced development team can be a real-life savior for companies that are scaling more rapidly than they ever thought possible and find themselves with an employee shortage. With big expansions comes a need for bigger and better IT solutions, and nearshore software development can provide them. When an organization is expanding a certain division or scaling the whole business, developers are usually needed to handle all technical aspects of the process, and more often than not the original in-house staff gets quickly overwhelmed and overworked as a result. To support the scaling process, you can outsource development team members to nearshoring agencies who will provide you with the developers you need while offering you staff flexibility as well. 

Businesses looking to develop a new software product. 

Developing a new software development web or mobile application can be a huge undertaking for most companies, as it’s likely they do not have the knowledge or resources to start right away by themselves. That’s why most organizations seek help from a nearshore software development company to find IT professionals who are readily available for a low cost. No matter the tech stack you want to develop a new product with, nearshoring agencies will surely have developers proficient in the coding language you need and with the right experience to manage and complete the project. You can hire a fully outsourced development team or recruit a single developer if that’s all you have the budget for and later hire more IT professionals as your company keeps growing. Whatever your ideal solution is, outsourcing development services will ensure you have it for a fraction of the cost!

Companies that need to save money on development costs. 

Look, it’s no secret that software development expenses are not exactly budget-friendly, especially since North American developers are in short supply and charge increasingly higher rates. With the record US inflation rates in 2022 and the price increase of software development services, companies are looking to save money on development costs moving forward. This makes the possibility of hiring an outsourced development team a really attractive option for these organizations, as hiring LATAM developers can be as much as 50% cheaper than recruiting their American counterparts. 

Ready to hire LATAM developers and build an outsourced development team?

Now that you know if your company needs an outsourced development team, it’s time to take action and consider if hiring Latin American developers is truly the right solution for your organization. At Blue Coding, we have years of experience helping North American companies hire LATAM developers, as this region is our favorite to recruit from as a nearshore software development company. Latin America offers great development rates, highly qualified developers, and minimal time zone differences. All of this and more makes outsourcing to Latin America a fantastic choice for companies looking to save money on development costs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you hire an outsourced development team! 

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