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13 May 2022

A Complete Comparison Of Nearshoring VS In-House Recruitment

Now that the COVID-19 situation is a bit more under our control, most companies are looking forward to at least a partial return to the office. While the IT sector underwent significant work style changes, there are many businesses eager to return to in-house hiring even for their coding solutions. This is due to a plethora of factors, but it’s mostly attributed to the need to return to the office and keep employees under careful control. Still, it’s known that remote work has even increased the productivity levels of software developers and other remote workers. 

Now business managers are faced with the nearshoring vs in-house recruitment dilemma. Which option is better for their company’s needs and working conditions? If you’re asking yourself that very same question as well, this article is for you. Keep reading to learn about the differences between nearshoring and in-house hiring!

Nearshore vs in-house software development

Nearshore vs. inhouse development

The biggest difference between nearshoring vs in-house recruitment within the IT industry is the way software developers work for your company. The work arrangement changes and this determines the nature of the business relationship, marking a set of differences from the get-go. 

For starters, in-house hiring referrers to the regular process of recruiting full-time employees, usually within the US. These workers can also be remote employees, but they’re a definitive part of your staff. In-house recruitment usually comes with a heavy interview process, extensive legal paperwork, and the risk of a messy layoff situation if there’s ever the need to fire a full-time employee. 

On the other hand, nearshoring or nearshore software outsourcing provides your company with fully vetted IT professionals within a reduced timeframe. This is the process where you hire previously vetted remote developers as independent contractors, for your preferred length of time. It gives you the flexibility to part ways without any paperwork or tricky situations in case there are no other projects you want them to work on. Nearshoring offers a quick expansion of your in-house team to access top coding solutions made easy. 

Pros and cons of nearshore staff augmentation: 



Pros and cons of in-house recruitment:



Are you looking for the right nearshoring firm to try IT staff augmentation? Let’s work together!

At Blue Coding, we know that getting started with IT staff augmentation can be a challenge for companies new to this hiring model. The remote vetting and interview procedures can be lengthy and energy-draining when you don’t even know where to begin. Not to mention navigating everything that comes after a new hire accepts the position - pre-boarding, onboarding, training… It can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer nearshoring services to US-based companies looking to hire nearshore developers in Latin America and all over the world. Contact us today to learn more about our IT staff augmentation services!

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