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09 Dec 2022

Investing in Nearshore UI/UX Development Offers Six Major Advantages

The development of a great UI/UX is both a complex and costly process. That's why most companies need to consider outsourcing the work to nearshore partners who engage in an extensive scope of research, design, and creation at cut rates!

If you are not familiar with the concept of nearshore UI/UX development, this means outsourcing a development team for the creation of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designs to a neighboring country. As for the reason why companies would choose nearshore custom software development, nearshoring has a number of benefits for different types of businesses in terms of time, cost, and quality improvements. In this article, we will discuss why companies need to invest in nearshore UI/UX development to improve their projects and the many benefits they can obtain from adopting this hiring practice.

Benefits of investing in Nearshore UI/UX Development Outsourcing 

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1) Low-Cost for Quality Design Output 

One of the main reasons why companies need to invest in nearshore UI/UX development is to take advantage of inexpensive design rates and cost-effectiveness. In today's tough economic situation, it's no wonder that enterprises are looking for ways to cut costs. Therefore, an effective way to do so is by outsourcing the tasks to offshore vendors.

By outsourcing UI/UX development to a nearshore business, rather than hiring in-house and managing employees yourself, you reduce the cost of acquisition by paying only for the work done. You can also lower your HR expenses because additional costs (such as non-IT costs) are spread out over more projects; this allows them to be allocated across those with better margins.

When it comes to IT staff augmentation, most North American companies choose to hire Latin American developers as their nearshoring practice. The Latin American IT services market is expected to surpass the US$33 billion mark by 2025. That's huge! You might not realize it, but your next big project could be handled by a team of talented developers in Mexico City or Bogota instead of an American company that will charge you way more for the same service.

Some people believe that it is cheaper to pay a monthly salary and have an in-house person at their services full-time than paying an hourly rate to external parties whose availability may vary. However, for the employer to provide benefits such as a travel allowance, sick leave, hardware, and training in addition to wages results in paying twice—once for the employee's salary and once again for their benefits package. When you hire developers in Latin America, you save money, time, and resources with nearshore UI/UX development. 

2) Access to Cutting-Edge Talented People 

When it comes to hiring developers, many companies prefer to take the less challenging path. They might hire a fledgling in-house junior developer instead of opting for senior remote talents. This choice may cost the business dearly because it will have to rely on UI/UX professionals with poor graphic designing skills and waste time debugging poorly written interface codes due to the lack of proper experience or limited talent pool. 

Fortunately, with the help of nearshore software development services, you can afford senior and creative talent—senior developers with years of experience—who can answer your customers’ desire for a better user experience. And because of their expertise in this field, they will be able to create superior solutions for your business.

There have been many advances in the UI/UX departments, making it more complex and more difficult to implement than ever before for an outdated developer; however, a partnership with a nearshore UI/UX development agency could allow you to find the necessary specialists for your project without breaking the bank.

3) Save Another 25% & Gear for Scalability 

The benefits of scaling your business by employing a nearshore UI/UX development team are plentiful including the simple cost saving yet hassle free process:

➜ The diversity and volume available in your neighborhood continent can be used to consolidate operations into a more efficient, scalable business.

➜ The outsourced professionals have a hands-on attitude and will be there when you need them to get the job done.

➜ You get an agile approach that helps you react to crises in a flexible, cost-effective way. For example, by steering clear of added HR costs—many companies consider this their biggest benefit when investing in nearshore UI/UX development.

➜ Reducing costs, improving adaptability, and reacting to changes quickly are all values that increase agility during troublesome periods.

4). Accessibility to Creative Brains 

Diverse teams bring a variety of perspectives, which means you get to enjoy the diversity that comes with being on a team that's not composed of people from the same location and culture.

You'll have more ideas and better solutions because you're not bound by the same limited perspectives as other people in your company. This can also help your company avoid groupthink—a trap many companies fall into when they try to create their own unique culture by sticking with their own members' opinions and interests when these belong to limited demographical groups. 

Alignment is also essential, because when you work with a partner that has clear goals and makes decisions based on those goals—from top-level strategic choices all the way down to day-to-day tactics—you can move faster without sacrificing quality. This way a company gets more autonomy, mastery, and engagement in the work that it does, all of which are crucial to creative thinking, creating UI/UX designs that resonate with their customers.

5). Beneficial Agile Process to Ramp Up the Process 

A successful Agile process should include UX designers early on in development, so the design is considered from the beginning. "Design work tends to be done in bursts, with long periods of low demand corresponding to lulls between releases." The sine curve's fluctuations in workload can be difficult for companies to deal with. They might have too few people at the beginning of a project and then hire more as deadlines approach but end up laying off some workers when business is slow again. Investing in nearshore UI/UX development by beginning to hire Latin American developers gives companies more flexibility to scale up and down, bringing on or offloading resources as needed.

6). Peace of Mind Without Compromising Results 

When you need to get a new web or mobile app out the door, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. You might have a vision for what you want your product to be and how it should work, but there are no guarantees that all of those goals will be met—and even if they are, it might take months or years for them to materialize in the real world. 

That's where nearshore outsourcing comes in. If you don't want to spend years or even months designing, developing, and testing your own application from scratch—and instead just want peace of mind when it comes time to launch—then nearshoring is the way to go! Here's why: You don't have to hire staff who understand the technicalities of software development. You don't have to worry about setting up teams for ongoing development and management.

Outsourcing nearshore UI/UX development means that your nearshore partner gets the ball rolling and gives direction to the project. So you don't necessarily need to divide up the project into multiple teams or assign priorities—which means less stress for everyone involved. It also means that your partner IT staff augmentation agency has a large team dedicated specifically to working on projects like this, so you don't have to worry about whether or not they'll be able to deliver quality results in a timely manner.

Ready to hire Latin American developers and dip into nearshore UI/UX development?

At Blue Coding, we know the importance of hiring qualified professionals to start your nearshore UI/UX development journey. Our extensive network of international IT staff augmentation professionals is made up of developers, UI/UX designers, and QA engineers alike. Plus, we handle recruiting, vetting, interviewing, and onboarding to ensure every step of the process is taken care of while lifting the weight of these responsibilities off your back. Contact us to learn more about our custom nearshore software development services! 

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