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02 Feb 2023

Employing Bilingual Nearshore Developers Has Its Advantages

Considering that 9 out of 10 employers opt for employees who have language skills beyond English, it’s no wonder that being bilingual has also become a key asset when it comes to nearshore software outsourcing. The world is becoming increasingly interconnected, and the ability to communicate in multiple languages is becoming more and more important. Employing multilingual software engineers, or those with an understanding of two or more languages is necessary for businesses wishing to capitalize on this. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of hiring bilingual developers and the challenges that come with it.

What are bilingual nearshore developers?

Bilingual nearshore developers are IT professionals who work as outsourced employees for North American companies and are proficient in two or more languages. Usually, as nearshoring focuses primarily on the Latin America software industry, these developers are native speakers of the Spanish language and are fluent in English as their second language. 

Benefits of Hiring Bilingual Nearshore Developers

Increased Efficiency in Software Development

While most of the coding work is done using a certain programming language instead of regular communications, bilingual IT professionals have a certain upper hand when it comes to international work. Because of their skills, bilingual developers are able to code in multiple languages, allowing them to quickly switch between them when needed. This generates a more efficient international software development project dynamic, as the same amount of time would otherwise be spent learning the language of the project. As a result, international coding projects can be completed faster and with fewer errors thanks to improved communication. Now, this is extremely helpful when you have a project that will be majorly handled in two certain languages and wants to avoid any translation issues. 

Improved Communication and Collaboration

Nearshore teams usually rely heavily on outsourced team members from countries within the Latin American software industry, meaning that these employees will have a native language other than English. In this case, it{s best to have a fully bilingual development team to help avoid any communication barriers that might rise. With bilingual developers, communication and collaboration between team members who speak different languages are improved, as all team members can understand each other without language barriers. This makes it easier to plan projects, share ideas, and work together more effectively.

Increased Market Reach

One of the most underrated advantages of hiring bilingual developers is the increased expansion potential. Thanks to their multilingual employees, companies can expand their market reach by creating products that cater to multiple languages and cultures. This allows them to access new markets and potential customers. It also enables them to better understand their non-English-speaking customers’ needs and create products tailored specifically for them with the help of their bilingual developers. Bilingual developers can also provide better customer service as they are able to communicate with customers in their native language and understand their needs better. This leads to greater customer satisfaction as they feel they are being understood and taken care of.

Improved Cultural Understanding

Hiring bilingual nearshore developers allows for a better understanding of different cultures, as they are able to explain different aspects in their own words and provide insight into how liners from all over the world think and approach different tasks. The bilingual language skills of these developers help to bring down cultural barriers and make day-to-day tasks easier to handle. This helps foster a greater understanding of a company’s different staff cultures and facilitates collaboration between team members from different backgrounds. Otherwise, daily operations would be compromised by a lack of communication and the corporate culture would suffer as a result. 

Increased Productivity

Working with bilingual nearshore developers can increase overall productivity, as language barriers are removed and team members can collaborate more effectively without having to wait for translations or rely on interpreters. Additionally, bilingual employees can help translate documents or communicate with clients more efficiently which further improves productivity.

Broader Job Opportunities To Be Filled

Having bilingual skills opens up a wider range of job opportunities, as companies are looking for people who can speak multiple languages to fill positions where being able to communicate in more than one language is necessary. This makes it easier for bilingual employees to fill roles with a heavy workload interacting with people from multiple cultures and different countries of origin. 

Improved Problem-Solving Abilities

Bilingual nearshore developers tend to have advanced problem-solving abilities due to their ability to think in multiple languages. This allows them to come up with creative solutions to difficult problems that may not be possible with a single language. It also allows them to access new sources of knowledge from other countries which may help them come up with innovative ideas and solutions in the long run. 

Access to the Latin American Software Industry

This final advantage is particularly relevant for companies looking to break into nearshoring without any prior experience using these IT recruitment practices. Hiring bilingual developers in Latin America offers access to a larger pool of talented software developers with expertise in the latest technologies. This is incredibly beneficial for companies looking to save money on development costs and expand their talent pool to countries offering a better bang for their buck. 

Ready to hire bilingual nearshore developers and save money on development costs? 

There are clearly many advantages to hiring bilingual nearshore developers in Latin America. This hiring strategy can help your business save significant amounts of money in the long run and help you diversify your workforce to include IT professionals who are proficient in various languages. That’s why at Blue Coding we offer nearshore development services to help companies like yours hire developers for a fraction of the cost, with all the benefits that come with building a bilingual nearshore software development team. We handle everything, from interviewing to billing, to ensure you hire the right outsourced staff for your company. Contact us at Blue Coding to learn more about our nearshore software development services!

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