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03 Jan 2023

5 Ways To Hire Latin American Developers

The numbers show just how relevant the Latin America software industry has become in recent years, with the market revenue ending up being worth $22.1 billion in 2021. This massive growth has accelerated the rising levels of interest in outsourcing IT professionals from this region, thanks to the lower hiring costs and excellent quality of results. Now, as many companies are wondering how to save money on development costs amid the recent 2022 tech market crash, hiring LATAM developers has never looked better. Still, several of them wonder how to hire Latin American developers, as this is a brand-new endeavor for many organizations. In this article, we’ll share with you the top 5 ways to hire LATAM developers. 

Why choose the Latin America software industry?

Hiring Latin American developers provides companies with quick access to a highly qualified pool of international talent at very competitive rates. The Latin America software industry has particularly stood out in recent years because of this and a few other benefits that are unique to its quality of effective nearshore development location. This is an IT and technology industry that has been growing exponentially over the past decade, especially within the software development sector, with an increasing number of developers, startups, and tech companies entering the market every year. 

The first benefit of hiring developers in Latin America consists of the lower development costs, as LATAM developers charge 30-40% less than their North American counterparts. Furthermore, these lower rates come at no expense to the quality of development work or team collaboration possibilities, as time differences are minimal and many LATAM professionals willingly adjust to the US working hours. Finally, there are zero to no cultural disparities between Latin American developers and North American professionals, as the corporate culture of the region is very similar to that of the US and its neighboring countries. These are the three key reasons that make hiring nearshore developers from Latin America a fantastic cost-saving opportunity for your business. 

5 ways to hire Latin American developers

Identifying and reaching qualified candidates on strategic sites.

There are a number of resources available to consider when looking into how to hire Latin American developers. Professional networking applications such as LinkedIn can be a great way to access a large pool of potential candidates from the Latin America software industry, where your company can both directly contact developers as well as post a job ad to any IT hoping to reach professionals actively job hunting. Online job boards like Stack Overflow and We Work Remotely are also effective ways to reach out and hire LATAM developers, as long as your job ad reaches the right people and is strong enough to motivate IT candidates to apply. Identifying the right platforms to use to contact nearshore developers in Latin America and knowing when and how to reach out to them will help you maximize your chances of hiring LATAM professionals on your own. 

Leveraging your local networks.

Using networking to your company’s advantage can be an effective nearshore outsourcing strategy. This method consists of reaching out to professional contacts - both within your target hire’s local region and anyone within the IT industry who resorts to outsourcing and might know of great LATAM developers for hire - who can help you find qualified candidates without having to spend time searching through job boards, freelancing platforms, or contacting nearshoring firms. This is a fantastic way to leverage your industry contacts and reach out to developers that might be available for direct hire, all without the intervention of any third parties. 

Attending IT and technology events. 

Taking the time to attend different tech events in Latin America can help you gain access to a large pool of LATAM developers and can provide valuable insights into the Latin America software industry. These events often happen both online and in person, giving you and your team the option to attend one or all of them depending on your availability. The great thing about these conferences, events, and IT fairs is that most of them are free of charge or cost a minimal fee to participate. Your company can even sign up as a recruiting party for some of them! There are many IT conferences around LATAM, in popular nearshoring hubs such as Argentina, Chile, and Brazil. This is a great opportunity to meet potential development candidates and get familiar with the Latin American software industry. 

Browsing freelancing platforms. 

If your company is open to using third-party applications for recruiting purposes and you’re looking for a low-cost, short-term way to hire LATAM developers, freelancing platforms are always a decent option. These sites and applications connect remote developers from all over the world, working as freelancers and independent contractors, with companies looking to outsource their development projects or generate coding solutions to optimize their business operations. The most popular ones with Latin American developers are Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer - though there are a few more that can be useful when hiring offshore developers as well. 

Now, it’s best to keep in mind that freelancing platforms offer nearshore development services at a relatively low cost, sometimes these cheaper rates truly reflect on the quality of the app experience, as there are minimal ways to verify a candidate’s experience and identity with the recruiting experience being quite the express one. Moreover, the platform gets a cut from all LATAM developers’ rates, often leading to the pricing of certain projects being overinflated to compensate for this loss. Overall, freelancing platforms are a practical method to hire Latin American developers, but they do not compare to working with a nearshore software development company

Hiring through a nearshore development company.

Last but certainly not least, our final recommendation to hire LATAM developers is to partner with a nearshore software development company. There are a number of nearshoring agencies and IT staffing firms that specialize in outsourcing Latin American talent, like us, Blue Coding. Nearshore outsourcing firms work with large international networks of Latin American developers and connect these IT candidates with companies looking to outsource their development services. The main benefit offered by this IT recruiting method is how nearshoring firms handle every last detail of the hiring process. From vetting and interviewing, to onboarding and billing, working with a nearshore software development company will save your team valuable time, resources, and money. 

Ready to hire Latin American developers?

As you can see, there are different ways to hire Latin American developers. In fact, the options are plenty and the nearshoring process is way easier than it might seem to companies unfamiliar with this IT recruiting strategy. Of course, once you’ve identified some potential remote development candidates, it’s important to screen and assess them properly before inviting them to join your outsourced development team. Through a rigorous interview and vetting process, you can make sure they have all the desired skills and experience for the job, verify their education credentials, and assess their communication skills and attitude. It’s also important to ask questions about their interest in working remotely and their ability to collaborate with team members in different time zones - to ensure they have full availability for remote intercontinental work. 

At Blue Coding, we understand that, while relatively straightforward, the process of hiring remote developers in Latin America can take up a lot of time, money, and resources. This is a complex procedure with different moving parts and can quickly overwhelm anyone unfamiliar with the Latin America software industry. On the other hand, as a nearshore software development company, our team knows the ins and outs of hiring LATAM developers and can complete the hiring process in a matter of days. That’s why we offer nearshoring services to help North American companies save money on development costs by hiring nearshore IT professionals. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you hire Latin American developers! 

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