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08 Sep 2023

Code Review Best Practices For Remote Developers

In today's world, many people work on computer code from different places, like their homes or offices far away. This can be really useful, but it can also make it tricky to check if the code is good and works well. Managing a remote team of developers can be a tough job for team leaders and usually comes with numerous issues at a constant rate. That's why we're going to talk about the best ways to check code when you're far from your team. Whether you're a remote developer or part of a team spread out all over, these tips will help you make sure your code is strong and works right, even if you're not in the same place as your teammates.

Code Review Best Practices For Remote Developers

Use Collaborative platforms

Online platforms like GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab can be useful while working as a part of a remote software development team. People can easily collaborate on code with these tools, even if they are geographically separated. With the help of these tools, you may discuss your code, share it with others, and improve it together. Additionally, they maintain a record of changes to ensure that everyone is working from the same version of the code, which helps to avoid issues. People can collaborate using these tools whether they are nearby or thousands of miles distant. You can offer suggestions for changes or issue reports by leaving comments on individual sections of the code. The team can interact more easily and complete more work as a result.

Clear Expectations

For a code review to work well, everyone needs to know what to expect. This means being clear about your goals and the rules for checking the code. To make the code easier to understand and change, it's important to agree on how it should be written. You should also explain how fast and well it needs to work. It's a good idea to give the reviewers a list of things to watch out for, like security problems, bad coding, or if the code can handle more work. All of this makes the code review process better organized and more effective. It helps both the person who wrote the code and the people reviewing it. It keeps things the same, catches and fixes problems early, and in the end, makes the code better and development smoother.

Carry Out Reviews Frequently

Checking code regularly is like making sure the work in a remote software development team is good and that everyone is working together nicely. When we make a plan to check the work regularly, it helps us follow the same rules and do things the right way when building software. Imagine if we check the work every day; it helps us find and fix problems early before they become big issues. But checking once a week is good too because it helps us see the big picture and make sure everything is going well. Also, it's a good idea to check the work when we finish making a new part of the software or reach an important point. This way, we make sure that each piece of the software does what it's supposed to do before we move on to the next part. It's like making sure all the bricks in a wall are strong and fit together perfectly.

Automated Checks

Using automated tools for testing and checking is super important when you're working on computer programs. These tools help find and fix common mistakes in the code before it's used, which saves time and money. They're like a safety net for your code. These tools also make sure everyone on your team follows the same rules and standards when writing code. This way, there are fewer arguments about how the code should look. Plus, they help you catch problems early on, so you don't end up with big issues that can cause problems for your users. You can use different types of automated tests to check your code, from small pieces to the whole thing.

Guidelines for Code Reviews

These are crucial for the coding work of your team of remote developers. You must create rules that are appropriate for your team in order for them to function well. These guidelines specify how to construct programs, what terms to employ, and the most effective techniques. Create guidelines for how code should appear and be structured first. Everyone benefits from being able to write code that is simple to read and use. Next, choose names for variables and functions, among other items. This makes your code more understandable. Additionally, be able to write code well. such as how to manage errors, make code simple to modify, and make it operate quickly. 

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