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25 Aug 2023

How To Hire Developers In Argentina: Things To Know In 2023

In the current times, we witness a large number of companies opting to outsource talent from Argentina. Why? We’ll answer this question through this article, which is jam-packed with useful statistics for those looking to hire developers in Argentina. With a growing tech scene, Argentina has lots of skilled professionals – around 115.000 – who focus on developing nearshore software solutions from far away. As companies search around the world for great, affordable developers, Argentina keeps getting more popular. But in the midst of all this, it's really important to understand how the tech job market works in this country before you start outsourcing to Argentina. Knowing about the culture, the rules for hiring, and using the country's good education system will help you and your organization to find the right Argentinian developers. When businesses with modern thinking join forces with Argentina's tech skills, they can make successful partnerships in today's digital world.

Seamless Integration and Fast Integration

In the dynamic landscape of this year, the process of independently identifying, selecting, and recommending software development professionals can be time- and asset-intensive. However, opting to adopt a remote working environment and offshoring/nearshoring talent to Argentina seems to be a faster alternative to the traditional method of hiring in-house staff. Nearshore partners have the expertise to seamlessly bring new developers into your existing projects. They operate with well-defined processes and structures to ensure smooth transitions, effective knowledge sharing, and successful team integration. This strategic approach allows you to rapidly grow your workforce while respecting operational efficiency and project schedules.

Cost Efficiency 

In 2023, when companies opt to hire developers in Argentina, the prospect of cost savings will come into focus. One of the main drivers for outsourcing is still cost reduction. Choosing to hire software engineers across US borders almost always leads to a more economic solution. Hiring Argentinian developers on your team not only ensures profitability but also greatly reduces indirect employment costs. This includes areas such as recruitment costs, training investments, and commitments related to long-term internal workforce retention. Meanwhile, as we look to the future, the horizon is bright; It is estimated that by 2026, the value of Argentina's software exports is expected to reach an impressive $2.5 billion. This further underscores the country's growing capacity in the software development industry and its potential to bring both talent and economic benefits to businesses globally.

Resource Accessibility

Today, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) often lack the resources to launch projects from scratch. This situation has led these companies to grasp the benefit of attracting a nearshore development partner, a strategy known to be both cost-effective and adaptable depending on the arrangement. The burden of hiring, office supply, taxes, and other financial problems gradually disappeared. With the coastal approach, it becomes more possible to refine resource distribution. If a particular project phase requires more developers, nearshore providers are ready to allocate resources based on your exact needs. Likewise, in the event that a team downsizing is required after a milestone is reached, resources can be quickly redeployed to other initiatives. In addition, from 2023, projections show a steadily increasing revenue trajectory in the IT services industry in Argentina. The projections call for sustained growth from 2023 to 2027, with a notable increase of US$16.7 million

Thriving Tech Scene

In today's fast-moving tech world of 2023, Argentina shines as a great place to find skilled software developers. Out of the 456 successful startups in the country, a big 64% of them are based in Buenos Aires. Cordoba, the second largest city in Argentina, is also becoming known for its tech strength with 126 innovative startups. Other cities like Rosario and Mendoza are also becoming important tech centers. Let's just put it this way: the entire Latin American region is being compared to Silicon Valley now and experts say it might even become the next Silicon Valley in no time. This is why more and more firms and startups are now outsourcing their needs to remote Latin developers and this is boosting the region's success even more. 

Hire Argentinian Developers with Blue Coding 

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