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27 Mar 2020

Hiring in Latin America through Nearshore Outsourcing

Outsourcing software development nearshore to Latin America

For many companies in the US and Canada, hiring remote developers based in Latin America is a great option for keeping development lean, code quality high, and costs low. Considering that  300,000 jobs are outsourced in the US each year, this is not an uncommon practice. still, many companies will opt for onshore or offshore alternatives instead of nearshore outsourcing - whether that is to keep things within the company's country of origin or to reduce costs to the maximum. As a nearshore outsourcing company, we have years of experience helping companies hire Latin American developers to save money on development costs and outsource IT solutions while minimizing potential trouble spots 

If you’re considering taking the leap but still have some questions, read this article for more information on the pros (and a few potential downsides) to keep in mind as you make your decision. For now, let’s start with the potential cons or downsides of choosing nearshore America solutions! 

The downside of outsourcing software development to Latin America

Rates for nearshore America solutions in LATAM aren’t as low as Eastern Europe or India.

There’s a reason that India and Eastern Europe are known as outsourcing hubs – their main benefit (and the deciding factor for many companies) is their low cost. There are some situations in which low rates and quick turnaround time might be your company’s top priority – like urgently getting a product to market, or having a small budget to begin with and needing to develop your project in order to begin testing and validating. 

If you are in this situation, it could be worth looking into India or Eastern Europe as an outsourcing option. However, the adage “you get what you pay for” unfortunately can apply here. If you need something developed right the first time, it may be worth investing a bit more in a nearshore outsourcing option to ensure high code quality and less back-and-forth.

You may need to wait a bit longer to find the right fit for your development needs.

As opposed to some other offshore outsourcing locations, Latin America doesn't have one massive “coding factory” where you show up with your project and are matched with the first available developer(s), no matter how good (or bad) a fit for your project they may be. Because there are multiple Latin America talent hubs, many firms in Latin America take the time to pair you with the right developers for what you’re looking for, taking into account culture and work fit as well as technical fit, so you may need to wait a bit longer to get your project started.

While rates and quick turnaround time may be the top priority for some companies, if you have the flexibility to find the best fit for your team and project needs, and need your project developed right the first time, it may be worth looking into Latin America outsourcing for your development needs. 

The upside of outsourcing software development to Latin America

Nearshore outsourcing brings high-quality code at reasonable prices.

Latin America has established itself as a hub for programming in recent years, and Latin American devs closely follow coding standards and best practices used by North American companies. This means you can expect the same high-quality code you’d get when hiring a local developer in the US or Canada, but at far lower rates.

Timezone overlaps with the US and Canada for nearshore America tech hubs.

Naturally, one of the biggest potential issues working with remote developers is the potential for late-night calls or work being delayed by up to a day due to fragmented communication and no overlap in working hours. When working with developers in Latin America, this is a non-issue, as Latin America spans all US timezones. This means you can work (virtually) alongside your development team, if desired, resulting in a closer working relationship and quicker results and troubleshooting.

There's a strong cultural and work-related fit with LATAM developers.

Latin America is steeped in North American culture, both from a popular culture standpoint and also from a work standpoint.  This means that much of the top development talent in Latin America already has experience working with international clients, many of whom are in the US and Canada, giving them crucial experience working in a North American environment.  Similarly, there is cultural overlap between the two, meaning that developers from Latin America can more readily integrate into North American teams, ensuring a smooth working relationship that may be difficult to find in other outsourcing hubs.

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