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08 Apr 2022

The Top 20 Software Developer Interview Questions

Recruiting remote software developers can be a lengthy process if you don’t nail the different interviews. This remote hiring process should consist of at least one traditional interview, a live coding assessment, and it could also include an additional interview to assess the developer’s English Proficiency skills. Now, figuring ask what to ask a development candidate during a first interview can be a challenge sometimes. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best interview questions for software developers. Keep reading to learn more about what to ask when interviewing remote developers!

20 Best Interview Questions For Software Developers

  1. Talk about a project you’ve recently completed successfully.

  1. What makes you passionate about coding?

  1. How do you assess code quality?

  1. How are you actively growing your skills as a developer?

  1. Do you have previous remote work experience?

  1. What are your thoughts on Agile development?

  1. What coding languages are you the most familiar with?

  1. What aspect of our company makes you want to join our team?

  1. Tell me about the most challenging situation you had at work. 

  1. What can you bring to this team that no other developer can?

  1. What are your most used design patterns and when and how do you use them?

  1.  What type of development are you currently working on? Which one would you like to do more of in the future?

  1. How do you test and find bugs in your development work?

  1.  Are you familiar with object-oriented programming?

  1. What is your strategy when it comes to development error handling?

  2.  Do you have any personal development projects? 

  1.  Which software development trends are you the most excited about?

  1.  Have you ever contributed to open-source projects?

  1.  How do you ensure all of your code is code is both safe and efficient?

  1.  How do you prioritize different software development projects?

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