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30 Jul 2022

The 5 Best Tools For JavaScript Developers

Everyone’s familiar with Javascript, right? This programming language is at the core of the internet and most websites that reside here. It allows developers to implement complex and dynamic features on web pages and eCommerce stores. Still, if you’re a Javascript developer, you know this coding language could use the help of a few tools to allow you to develop more efficiently. Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of Javascript with the best tools for Javascript developers!

The 5 Best Tools For JavaScript Developers


This text editing tool for Javascript developers makes life easier when writing JavaScript code. It makes it easy to jump to any symbol line word thanks to different keyboard shortcuts and multi-tab enhancements, plus a custom command palette for changing the syntax of the code. Some of the other features of the first of the best tools for Javascript developers are GPU rendering, Apple Silicon processors and Linux ARM64 compatibility, a refreshed UI with different color schemes and night mode, and an updated Python API. On top of it all, it has both a syntax highlighting engine and an auto-complete text engine. 

JS Hint.

JS Hint is a static code analysis tool for Javascript developers. This is a very convenient tool for Javascript beginners, as its primary function, it’s to help them out as they write code to highlight mistakes from syntax or logic mishaps. On top of detecting common errors in your code, it also warns you of potential problems with the code that could have that could jeopardize the entire site. The best thing about this tool is that it is community-driven and publicly available, so any developer can access it. 

Visual Studio Code.

This is a free, redefined, code editor that simply needs to be included in this list of the best tools for Javascript developers. It also offers on-site support for various development operations, such as debugging, task running, and version control. Visual Studio Codes provides all the tools a developer could need to rapidly work on coding projects without stretching different tasks across different systems. 


If you’re looking for the best tools for Javascript developers to get rid of any repetitive tasks, Gulp is the perfect option. This is a simple package manager that acts as an efficient task automation tool Gulp and solves the hazard of repetition in your workflow. No more wasting time running code analysis or testing external APIs, this tool will allow you to automate every time-consuming task.

JS Bin.

JS Bin is a live code editor with tons of complex features to ensure you create the best code possible. Of course, it features a live code editor, full preview mode, a customizable console, support for more than a dozen code processors, various templates, drag & drop files, and automation tools. Not only can you use this tool for Javascript developers to code your next project, but you can also take advantage of it to experiment with your development work in a live coding environment and spot potential mistakes with just a glance. It’s perfect for those looking for a time-saver editor. 

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