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03 Aug 2023

The Top 5 Resources For Ruby on Rails Programmers

Welcome to this blog article, in which we'll talk about the best resources for Ruby on Rails developers. With an astounding 5.83% market share and the 15th-most popular framework ranking, Ruby on Rails has solidified its position as one of the most well-liked frameworks among developers. Its widespread use may be credited to the smooth fusion of Ruby's attractive syntax and Rails' sturdy architecture, which enables programmers to build potent web apps with unmatched efficiency. In order to utilize this framework efficiently, a developer must be aware of the top tools of the specific framework. Hence, Blue Coding comes to your rescue by summarizing all you need to know about the best tools for Ruby on Rails developers in this blog post. If you are looking to hire Ruby on Rails developers, you can also check out our article “30 Best Interview Questions For Ruby On Rails Developers”. 

Best Tools For Ruby On Rails Developers


NetBeans is an exceptional and versatile tool for Ruby on Rails development, providing an intuitive and powerful integrated development environment (IDE) that streamlines the coding process. With its extensive support for Ruby on Rails, developers can efficiently build and maintain web applications, benefiting from a range of robust features and an active community. The IDE's seamless integration with version control systems and intelligent code completion further enhances productivity, making NetBeans an indispensable ally for Ruby on Rails enthusiasts.

Key features of NetBeans for Ruby on Rails development:


"Bullet" is an indispensable gem that enhances Ruby on Rails development by providing powerful debugging and optimization capabilities. With its intelligent querying and vigilant analysis, developers can identify and resolve N+1 database query issues, resulting in improved application performance and reduced load times. Moreover, Bullet's ability to detect potential memory leaks and excessive query calls allows for more efficient resource utilization, streamlining the overall development process.

Key features of Bullet:


Emacs shines as an exceptional tool for Ruby on Rails development, offering a robust and flexible environment that empowers developers to write efficient and elegant code. Its seamless integration with various plugins and extensions makes it a preferred choice among Rails developers, boosting productivity and code quality. With powerful text editing capabilities, advanced search and replace functionalities, and a highly customizable interface, Emacs provides a tailor-made experience for Ruby on Rails projects, making it an indispensable ally for developers seeking a comprehensive and efficient coding environment.

Key features of Emacs for Ruby on Rails development:


Atom proves to be an essential asset in the realm of Ruby on Rails development, elevating efficiency and refining coding practices with finesse. The editor's lightweight and adaptable interface provides a personalized coding experience, catering to the preferences of each developer. Empowered by its extensive array of plugins and packages, Rails developers can effortlessly introduce novel functionalities and tailor the editor to their unique workflows. The built-in version control and Git integration further solidify Atom's standing as an excellent choice for Ruby on Rails enthusiasts, as seamless collaboration and streamlined code management become readily attainable.

Key features of Atom for Ruby on Rails developers:

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is an exceptional tool for Ruby on Rails development, offering developers an unparalleled coding experience. With its lightweight and fast performance, Sublime Text ensures seamless productivity and enhanced code quality. Its extensive package ecosystem empowers Rails developers with an array of plugins and extensions, allowing easy customization to suit individual preferences. The tool's intuitive user interface, combined with powerful features like multi-cursor editing and Goto Anything, streamline the development process and make navigating large Rails projects a breeze. Embracing Sublime Text for Ruby on Rails development promises to elevate productivity, efficiency, and overall coding enjoyment.

Key features of Sublime Text for Ruby on Rails development:

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