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21 Aug 2023

What Are Nearshore Mobile Development Services?

There’s no denying mobile apps have become an integral part of our life. From day-to-day business operations to mundane tasks such as tracking our sleep patterns, there seems to be an application for just about everything these days. In fact, according to Statista, the number of mobile app downloads worldwide in 2020 reached 218 billion, a clear indicator of our growing dependence on mobile apps thanks to the way these simplify our lives. This trend is not surprising, considering that mobile apps offer businesses direct communication with their customers, improve customer engagement, and open new revenue channels. 

Now, developing mobile apps is another topic entirely. These can help your organization grow - whether that is through mobile eCommerce or a better platform where to connect with your community - and scale your operations by maximizing your reach to a whole new audience. Even so, developing a quality mobile application is no easy task. This is why more and more organizations are opting to try alternative mobile development solutions and hiring strategies, such as nearshore staff augmentation. This blog post will dive into what exactly are nearshore mobile development services and why they can be beneficial to your business. 

First, What Is Mobile Development? 

Mobile development has experienced rapid evolution since the launch of the first mobile phone in 1973. Though it wasn't until the late 2000s, with the launch of Apple's iPhone and Google's Android platform, that the potential for mobile apps really came to fruition and these devices started taking a larger role within our everyday lives Since then, mobile development has become a core part of the tech industry, with millions of apps now available for users across different platforms. 

Now, this is a type of software development that revolves around creating software applications for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets - with smart watches having been more recently added into the mix. Mobile development as an umbrella term encompasses everything from the ideation of an app, its design, and development, to its final deployment in an app store. This extensive process (once you decide your organization needs mobile development services to grow) includes a wide range of tasks such as designing user interfaces, coding application functionalities, testing for bugs and performance issues, and deploying the finished product. It also involves continuous maintenance and updates to ensure that apps remain compatible with updated operating systems and hardware.

Why Should Your Organization Hire Mobile Developers?

Mobile developers play a crucial role in ensuring the creation of quality mobile applications, as not everyone can just build one from scratch. These IT professionals are the creators behind every app on our phones - from social media apps to games, fitness trackers to banking apps.

A mobile developer is responsible for translating software requirements into workable programming code to later design the prototype application, indicate program unit structure, and coordinate application plans with the rest of the development team as well as the client.

Key skills required for a mobile developer include proficiency in programming languages like Java or Swift, strong problem-solving abilities, an understanding of user interface design principles, and familiarity with version control systems like Git. This specialized knowledge is not easy to come by, and so organizations looking to build mobile apps should look to hire mobile development services from a trained and experienced professional. 

What Are Nearshore Mobile Development Services?

Nearshore mobile development services refer to outsourcing mobile application development tasks to a neighboring country or one that is within a close time zone. This approach combines the benefits of offshore outsourcing (cost-effectiveness and access to a large talent pool) and onshore outsourcing (ease of communication and collaboration). The process typically involves hiring a dedicated team of developers who work closely with your in-house team providing mobile development services to create quality apps. They usually follow your business's working hours, align with your corporate culture, and use your preferred communication channels, ensuring seamless collaboration. All of this makes the nearshore development model a perfect blend of offshore and onshore models - providing an ideal balance between cost, quality, and control. Here are some of the top benefits of this practice! 

Benefits Of Nearshore Mobile Development Services

1. Cost-effective mobile development.

Nearshoring can significantly reduce development costs due to lower developer rates in nearshore countries without compromising on mobile development quality. This makes nearshore staff augmentation a cost-effective solution for businesses looking for affordable mobile development services - with rates up to 40% cheaper. 

2. Access to a large talent pool.

With nearshore development, you have access to a vast pool of skilled developers with expertise in various technologies and industries. Nearshore developers are known for delivering high-quality services - they often have strong technical education backgrounds and extensive experience in mobile development - and have increased availability compared to local IT professionals. The talent pool is larger as you can recruit from many countries if you hire LATAM developers

3. Major time zone compatibility.

Working with developers in the same or similar time zone allows for real-time communication and quick problem resolution. This is a major advantage of nearshore development, allowing for real-time communication and quick resolution of any issues that may arise, leading to smoother workflows and increased productivity with nearshore mobile development projects. 

4. Cultural similarities by hiring nearshore mobile developers.

String English language proficiency and cultural/work ethic similarities can significantly enhance collaboration and reduce the chances of miscommunication between your in-house staff and your nearshore mobile developers. 

5. Possibilities for enhanced communication. 

Geographical proximity allows for more frequent face-to-face meetings, fostering better understanding and collaboration. This will help your in-house and outsourced teams get along better and be able to collaborate with ease on multiple mobile development projects. 

6. Staff flexibility and business scalability.

Nearshore development allows businesses to scale up or down their development team based on project requirements as nearshore IT professionals can be hired on a contract basis. This flexibility can be crucial for businesses that experience fluctuating demand or need to quickly adapt to market changes.

7. Speedy mobile development project delivery.

Because of real-time communication and efficient collaboration, projects are often completed faster with nearshore teams. This can help businesses save time and start benefiting from their new software or service sooner.

8. The ability to foster long-term remote working relationships

Working closely with a nearshore team over time can lead to strong long-term partnerships that go beyond project-based collaborations. These relationships often go beyond project-based collaborations, providing businesses with a reliable and trusted partner for their development needs.

Ready To Grow Your Business Through Blue Coding’s Nearshore Mobile Development Services?

Blue Coding's nearshore mobile development services offer a strategic way for businesses to tap into the world of mobile applications while mitigating challenges like resource limitations and technical expertise. By combining nearshore benefits with cutting-edge technology and client-centric practices, our technical recruitment team can help you unlock your company’s growth potential in the dynamic mobile landscape by providing quality nearshore mobile development services and helping you hire nearshore developers. If you’re ready to hire mobile developers in the most cost-effective way, contact us today to schedule your first free discovery call! 

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