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Best Interview Questions For C++ Developers

Considering that the overall usage of the C++ programming language has increased by 4.62% in 2022, this tech stack is one that most companies are considering adding to their development database. Now that many organizations are looking for C++ developers, it´s helpful to learn how to interview them properly, and that includes asking the right questions during every meeting. By asking targeted interview questions, employers can quickly identify which candidates are well suited for their needs and which ones may not be able to meet their requirements as well as other potential candidates may be able to do so. Keep reading to learn all about the 30 best interview questions for C++ developers! 

What is C++?

C++ is an advanced, object-oriented programming language designed to enable developers to create powerful and efficient programs. This tech stack is an extension of the C programming language and provides additional support for features such as classes, templates, and exception handling. Many IT professionals choose it thanks to its highly extensible capabilities, as this allows developers to utilize third-party libraries and components to expand their projects' capabilities. This facilitates a more efficient development process through both server and front-side projects, thanks to the general-purpose nature of the technology. 

What do C++ developers do?

Now that you know what the C++ tech stack is all about, it´s time to expand on the responsibilities of IT professionals with an expert command of this programming language. C++ developers are responsible for creating software applications that utilize the features of C++. They must have knowledge of object-oriented programming principles, data structures, algorithms, and debugging techniques. C++ developers should also be familiar with the use of libraries and different C-compatible frameworks to extend the functionality of their applications and develop faster and more efficiently.

Because C++ is such a convenient and useful tech stack, hiring nearshore developers who specialize in this programming language can really benefit your business. This stack is starting to make its way onto a few of the lists regarding the most popular programming languages and has proven to be extremely helpful when developing highly dynamic applications. 

When hiring C++ developers, you should consider the potential candidate’s experience with object-oriented programming, debugging, and unit testing. There should be a certain amount of tools for C++ developers all candidates should be familiar with and have a strong command of them in order to speed up the development process. For the interview process, it´s also best to test their knowledge of memory management tools, multi-threaded programming, and optimization techniques. Additionally, employers should be aware of any specialized areas of computer science that IT candidates may have experience in relation to C++ development.

30 best interview questions for C++ developers?

What is your experience with object-oriented programming in C++?

Describe your experience working with templates in C++.

What experience do you have working with the Standard Template Library (STL)?

Are there any C++ coding conventions that you follow?

What is your experience with debugging and unit testing in C++?

Tell me about the biggest C++ project that you have worked on.

What do you think are the biggest challenges faced by C++ developers?

Describe a time when you had to troubleshoot a difficult bug in C++.

What experience do you have with memory management in C++?

Describe your experience using memory management tools like Valgrind.

What experience do you have with multi-threaded programming in C++?

How would you go about optimizing code written in C++?

What experience do you have with the use of design patterns for C++?

Are you familiar with any of the C++ compilers?

Are you familiar with the use of C++ for mobile development?

What experience do you have using C++ for web development?

Have you used any third-party libraries or frameworks with C++?

Do you have experience with debugging and profiling in C++?

How do you handle memory leaks in C++?

Describe the steps you would take to create a secure C++ application.

What experience do you have with version control systems such as Git?

Do you have experience with the development of graphical user interfaces (GUI) using C++?

How familiar are you with the concept of polymorphism in C++?

How familiar are you with data structures and algorithms in C++?

Describe your experience using the Boost library for C++ development.

How familiar are you with the Open Source libraries available for use with C++ development?

Are there any specific areas of computer science that you specialize in related to C++?

Are there any specific challenges that you have faced while working on projects involving C++ development?

Have you ever integrated a third-party API into a project written in C++?

How would you go about testing a large-scale project written in C++?

Ready to hire C++ developers through nearshore development?

At Blue Coding, we understand the importance of hiring nearshore software developers who are proficient in various programming languages. This helps to modernize your company’s applications and ensure your development team is as versatile as possible. That’s why hiring C++ developers is a great strategic action to take moving forward. Now, Asking these questions during an interview can provide employers with valuable insight into a candidate's skills and experience level when it comes to working with the C++ language and its associated technologies and frameworks.

After learning all about the best questions for C++ developers interviewing for your company, you might be interested in finding out more about how to hire C++ developers. The good news is that recruiting IT professionals proficient in this technology is simpler than you might think. There are different ways to go about it, but at Blue Coding we offer specialized staff augmentation services to help North American companies hire developers from Latin America without having to worry about the challenges of an international recruitment process. Our experienced nearshoring HR team handles everything from vetting to technical interviewing and we also take care of other elements such as providing nearshore developers with the right payments for their work with your organization. Want to learn more about how you can hire C++ developers for a fraction of the cost? Contact us to know more about nearshore software development! 

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