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10 Nov 2023

Hire Developers in Brazil: Things To Know in 2023

Our society is now closely knitted and revolves almost completely around technology. Software development is a huge part of this tech advancement and therefore, the demand for software developers has increased dramatically over the last few years. Believe it or not, in 2023, there are approximately 25.6 million software developers worldwide. These statistics reveal exactly how much success and demand this sector offers and requires. Latin America has become a prime nearshoring destination and experts even suggest that it is bound to be the next Silicon Valley. Many companies are now choosing to hire developers in Brazil and one may wonder why and how? In this article, we will introduce you to all the key facts and strategies you need to know when you hire remote developers in Brazil. 

What to Know When You Choose to Hire Brazilian Developers 

When outsourcing your software development needs to another country, or when you hire LATAM developers, it is best to understand the basics of hiring in that country. This is why we carefully curated this article to make you understand the ABCs of hiring software developers in Brazil. 

Culture of Brazil

When you're thinking about hiring remote developers in Brazil, it's important to understand their way of working. Brazilian developers are great at teamwork and finding creative solutions to problems. The work culture in Brazil stands out because of its strong teamwork, creative problem-solving, and emphasis on work-life balance. They like a good work-life balance, so it's important to respect their time off. By knowing and respecting these things, you can work well with Brazilian developers and have a successful partnership when outsourcing your projects.

Educational Advancement

Brazil's education system is a big reason why it's a great place to hire developers. It's strong and helps people learn a lot, especially about computer science. So, when you hire developers in Brazil, you're getting access to people with top-notch knowledge and skills. They've been well-educated and are ready to excel in the tech industry. This makes Brazil a smart choice for companies looking for skilled developers.

Tech Talent Influx

Brazil is seeing more and more people with tech skills coming to the country. This is because the software market in Brazil is expected to grow by about 6.41% from 2023 to 2028, reaching a total value of around US$11.50 billion in 2028. The reason for this growth is that both businesses and the government are using more technology in their work, which creates lots of job opportunities for people who can work with computers and data. Also, there are many new small tech companies starting up, and they are getting money from investors in cities like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. This is making Brazil an attractive place for people with tech skills. As more people come to Brazil to study and work in tech, it helps the country's economy grow, and Brazil becomes more important in the global tech world.

Time Zone Difference

A small time difference between the US and Brazil is a big plus for American companies that hire Brazilian teams for software development. It means both teams can easily work together because their work hours overlap well. This makes it quicker to get answers to questions, solve problems, and coordinate work. When the time difference is small, it's easier to schedule meetings, so employees don't have to work at odd hours. This helps everyone work together smoothly and feel like part of the same team. In the end, it makes software development projects go well and gives US companies an edge when they hire teams in Brazil.

Tech Events in Brazil 

Brazil has rapidly emerged as a top hub for software development, offering a fantastic ecosystem of tech innovation and talent. What makes Brazil even more awesome for tech enthusiasts is its passion for hosting remarkable tech events. These gatherings bring together industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts from around the world, making them prime opportunities to network, learn, and explore emerging trends. To ensure you don't miss out on these exciting tech events in 2024, our linked blog post is the perfect resource to stay updated, offering insights into the must-attend conferences, hackathons, and seminars that will define the tech landscape in Brazil and other countries in the LATAM region. 

Public Holidays in Brazil in 2023

When outsourcing software developers from any country, it is respectful to know and keep track of their national and public holidays in order to provide your developers with a day off. In this section, we list all of the public and national holidays of Brazil in the year 2023.

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