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26 Sep 2023

The Best Latin American Countries To Attend Tech Events In 2024

Over the past several years, we've witnessed remarkable upheavals and developments in the quick-moving world of technology. In the year 2023, Latin America is more prominent than ever on the world tech scene. The success tales coming out of this area are very inspirational. Latin America has emerged as a hub for tech innovation and investment thanks to the emergence of creative businesses in places like Mexico City, Bogot√°, and So Paulo. 2024 promises to host some very great tech events, giving participants a front-row view of the tremendous advancements achieved by this dynamic and creative region of the world in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship. This is not surprising given the fascinating time we live in.

The Best Latin American Countries To Attend Tech Events In 2024

1. South Summit Brazil 2024

The South Summit Brazil 2024 will take place in Porto Alegre, Brazil, from March 20 to 22, 2024. This is no doubt one of the most awaited 2024 tech events. It's comparable to a large conference where innovative startups, well-known speakers, and investors from all around the world mingle. This event is a fantastic opportunity for company owners and entrepreneurs to network, discuss innovative ideas, explore cool new firms, meet industry experts, and find opportunities to collaborate. If you want to improve your business, learn important things, and form beneficial business relationships, you shouldn't miss attending South Summit Brazil 2024.

2. America Digital Latin America Congress of Business & Technology

The 9th America Digital Latin America Congress of Business & Technology 2024" is a big tech event happening on April 3rd and 4th, 2024, in Santiago, Chile. It's like a meeting where more than 5,000 important people from different companies come together. They include top executives like CEOs, CIOs, and others, as well as tech experts. They talk about things like phones, the internet, and computers, and how they can be used for business. There are also more than 100 talks, lots of booths with tech stuff, and 2,000 meetings where people can talk about business ideas. It's a good place to meet people and make deals. They also have special talks about banking, fast internet, and smart cities. People from all over the world come to this event to share ideas and work together on new tech stuff in Latin America.

3. Web Summit Rio

The major technological gathering Web Summit Rio will take place in Rio de Janeiro from April 15 to April 18, 2024. Over 30,000 people interested in technology, company startups, philanthropy, and leadership in the IT industry will be present. This gathering is renowned across the world as one of the top IT conferences. It's where well-known figures from the business and technology worlds congregate to discuss innovative concepts. You may hear from professionals and network with other members of the IT community at Web Summit Rio.  Therefore, we would definitely recommend this fantastic event to all businesses and startup owners! 

4. CDAO Mexico 2024

An intriguing tech conference called "CDAO Mexico" will take place in Mexico City on June 11 and 12, 2024. People who excel in using statistics and numbers in business get together at this conference. These intelligent people come from Latin America as a whole, not simply Mexico. If you attend this event, you may network with significant businesses that are leaders in this sector and get knowledge from them. More than 350 other professionals like you will be there for you to network with. They will discuss the most recent developments in leveraging data for business in Mexico during the event. In particular sessions when everyone is free to express their opinions, you may also speak with others about your issues and concerns. 

Benefits of Hiring LATAM Developers and the Role of Nearshoring Agencies

Businesses should seriously think about hiring developers from the best Latin American countries, when it comes to the tech industry, for a few good reasons. First, there are many skilled tech professionals in LATAM who can do great work at a reasonable cost. Second, LATAM is in a nearby time zone and has a similar culture to North America, which makes working together easier. Going to the 2024 tech events in LATAM is important because it lets businesses meet potential hires, see their skills, and learn about new tech trends. Nearshoring agencies are helpful because they connect businesses with the right LATAM talent, help with local rules, and make sure projects run smoothly. This way, businesses can get skilled developers, save money, and be more competitive in the tech world.

Why Hire Latin American Developers With Blue Coding?

Blue Coding has been successful in assisting North American companies to employ top-tier software developers from Latin America since 2014. We are the ideal option for your software development needs thanks to our thorough screening procedure, which ensures technical competence and cultural harmony between our clients and developers. We can quickly put together carefully chosen teams that are suited to your projects if you need nearshore software development skills in Central and South America. To learn how Blue Coding can improve your software development efforts, get in touch with us right away. For nearshore software development expertise, go with Blue Coding; your success is our top focus.

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