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31 Oct 2023

How to Make Sure Coding Companies Are Transparent When You Outsource

In the software development world, many organizations are now hiring outside companies to do their coding work. In fact, 80% of all North American companies are now choosing to outsource developers to nearshore countries. Business owners choose to do this to get specialized skills from nearshore countries and to simultaneously save money. However, for these partnerships to work well, there's one important thing: being clear and open. Being clear and open is like the foundation of trust and responsibility in any business relationship. It's no different when you're working with coding companies. In this guide, we'll talk about what being transparent with your developers means, why it's so important, and how to make sure it's a big part of your partnership with coding companies. Whether you're experienced in software outsourcing or just starting, understanding clarity and openness is the first step to making your collaborations successful and getting great results from your projects.

Importance of Transparency When Outsourcing Coding Companies

Transparency is really important when you hire coding and software solutions companies for multiple reasons. It helps build trust, makes sure your project goes well, and keeps your relationship with the coders and software developers good in the long run. In this section, we elaborate on why being transparent and honest is so crucial when you work with coding companies.

Effective Communication for Clarity

When you communicate clearly, it means that both your company and the coding team from the nearshore software development company that you've hired understand exactly what the project involves – what needs to be done and why. Sharing your expectations and vision openly helps the coding team plan their work properly. This kind of shared understanding reduces the risk of misunderstandings and mix-ups, which often cause projects to go wrong. Clear communication also makes it easier for everyone to ask questions and sort out any problems quickly. This way, you can work together smoothly and get things done without mistakes or delays. If you don't communicate clearly, people might guess or get things wrong, which can lead to expensive fixes and delays.

Reducing Risks

Being clear and open about potential problems is crucial in reducing risks. When both parties talk about and agree on risks, they can work together to come up with good ways to deal with them. If you spot risks early in the project, you can put the right resources in place, change timelines, or adjust the project plan as needed. This helps stop risks from turning into big problems that could make the project fail. Without being open, risks might stay hidden until they become real issues, making it hard to react in time and possibly causing the project to fail or lose money.

Ensuring Quality

It's important to have clear processes and ways to report on the quality of the code and project results. By regularly getting updates and seeing how the coding company tests things, you can keep a close eye on the project's progress. This way, you can check the quality of the work, find and fix problems, and give feedback when necessary. Being open about quality assurance ensures that the final product meets your quality standards and what it's supposed to do. If there's no transparency, you might not be able to oversee the work properly, leading to lower-quality code and project results that don't meet your expectations.

Budget and Cost Management

Being open about how much money you're spending and where it's going is super important when you hire coding companies to do work for you. When you understand how they charge you and what they're spending on, it helps you keep an eye on your expenses and make smart decisions. Knowing the costs lets you match your budget with important project steps, make changes when needed, and avoid surprise bills. This honesty helps stop you from spending too much money and keeps your project on track without going over your budget. If things aren't clear, money problems can pop up out of nowhere, causing stress and project hiccups.

Strategies on How to Ensure Transparency When Outsourcing

Carefully Check the Software Outsourcing Company

Before teaming up with them, make sure to thoroughly investigate the outsourcing company. This means looking into their past work, talking to their previous clients, and finding out how well-respected they are in their industry. You want them to have a good history of being honest and doing business the right way.

Be Clear About What You Want

When you start working with the software outsourcing company, be very clear about what you want them to do. Write down all the details about your project, like what it should accomplish and what you expect from them. Put it in a detailed plan or contract. This clear plan will help make sure everyone knows what's going on.

Set Goals for How to Measure Success

Come up with a list of things you can measure to see if the work is going well. These could be things like project milestones, how long it takes to finish, or quality checks. Keep checking on these goals to make sure the project is on track.

Keep Communication Open

Make sure you have ways to talk to the outsourcing company easily and openly. Plan regular meetings, use tools that help you work together, and set up a system to keep track of how the project is going. This way, you'll always know what's happening with your project.

Get Regular Reports on Progress

Ask for reports from the outsourcing company that tell you how the project is coming along. These reports should show what's been done, any problems that have come up, and if the project is going as planned. This information will help you fix any issues and keep things on track.

Keep an eye on who's accessing your code

Make sure you set up rules for who can get into the code storage area where the outside team is working. This will help you see any changes to the code and make things more clear. Also, make sure you can get into the storage area and know how to manage different versions of the code.

Check the code often and make sure it's up to the mark

Build in times to look at the code and make sure it's good and also put in processes to make sure it meets certain standards. This helps keep the code quality high and lets everyone see how things are going. Both sides should be part of this.

Have a backup plan for when problems come up

Craft a backup plan to deal with problems and solve them. This should include a clear list of who to talk to and steps for handling conflicts or disagreements. When problems are handled openly, it can prevent the project from getting stuck.

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