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02 May 2023

The Best Tools For React Native Developers

The tech world is rapidly evolving, with many programming languages, revolutionary innovations, and developer skills dominating the sector. With the increased demand for advanced technology, website development, and mobile apps require the use of complex programming languages. Similarly, React Native  is an open-source mobile application development framework that is becoming increasingly popular amongst software developers and is a primary skill for those interested in React Native  jobs. Since this software allows developers to create apps for both iOS and Android, it is becoming one of the top choices for remote developer tools. In this blog post, we have therefore crafted a list of the best tools for React Native  developers to assist experts and beginner-level developers who are interested in working with this software. You can also have a look at our other articles on the best tools for iOS developers and the best tools for SQL developers

Best Tools For React Native  Developers


Jest is an open-source testing framework tool used widely by React Native  developers to test their applications. It is built on JavaScript and is typically preferred for automated browser testing. Developers may also create unit tests, integration tests, and snapshot tests for your React Native  functions and components using this testing framework. When testing your React Native  app, you can quickly and efficiently mock out dependencies like APIs, libraries, and modules thanks to Jest's robust mocking features. This makes it easier to test each component independently without depending on outside dependencies. Below are the key features that make Jest a prime nearshore development tool. 


Atom's cross-platform compatibility makes it accessible on different operating systems, providing flexibility to developers. Its built-in package management system allows for easy installation of plugins and extensions, further enhancing its functionality for React Native  development. With its user-friendly interface, customizable themes, and intelligent auto-completion, Atom is highly regarded among developers as a powerful tool that can streamline building robust React Native  applications. Here are the top features of the Atom tool.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a well-known code editor that is frequently used in React Native development. It has a clean, modern UI with powerful features that make coding efficient and fun. Using Sublime Text for React Native programming often entails many stages. To begin, developers open Sublime Text and create a new project or open a current one. They may then develop React Native code with ease using the built-in code highlighting and autocompletion features, increasing productivity. Sublime Text also provides a variety of plugins and packages intended expressly for React Native development, which may be installed and tweaked to meet individual needs. Below listed are the main features that make it one of the top tools for React Native  developers. 


Expo is a fantastic piece of software that makes it simple to create React Native applications. By offering open-source tools and services for simple app building, deployment, and testing, it streamlines React Native development. It also simplifies the procedure by doing rid of time-consuming setup and configuration steps, freeing developers up to concentrate on creating your program. Expo is a fantastic option for both experienced developers and newbies thanks to its user-friendly design and robust capabilities. Being open-source gives React Native  developers access to a thriving developer community and resources for support. Here are the top primary features of Expo that make it one of the best tools for React Native developers. 


XCode is an iOS development tool and integrated development environment (IDEs) used to develop apps for iPads, iPhones, Apple watches, etc. XCode is the official IDE that Apple features for developers, but developers may prefer either of these IDEs for their projects. Its user-friendly interface, strong troubleshooting capabilities, and smooth integration abilities make it an excellent tool for React Native  developers. 

Here are some key features of XCode:

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