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07 Sep 2023

How To Hire Developers In Colombia: Things To Know In 2023

In the world of software development, Colombia is becoming a popular place to find talented developers. The demand for skilled coders is growing, and Colombia is stepping up to meet that demand. In fact, the software market in Colombia is expected to get much bigger, with a 5.81% growth rate between 2023 and 2028. By 2028, it could be worth a whopping US$1.95 billion. So, if you're thinking about hiring developers in Colombia, there are important things you should know to make the most of this opportunity. Our experts at Blue Coding carefully researched and crafted this post to help you know everything there is to be aware of when you are opting to hire developers in Colombia. If you are interested in knowing how you can start your journey of Colombia software outsourcing, check out the linked blog post! 

Colombia Software Development: A Blossoming Software Market

The software development market in Colombia has been doing fantastically well ever since the government encouraged tech innovations and boosted the technology infrastructure. Colombia’s time zone also makes it a great spot for outsourcing for American companies as collaboration is easier. Due to this, and many more reasons, Colombia has become one of the top spots for software development outsourcing. By the end of this year, this industry is expected to make $1 million in revenue, showing that Colombia is becoming a strong player in the global tech business.

Getting to Know Colombia's Tech Scene

It's crucial to understand the major cities where technology is on the rise before delving into Colombia's tech industry. The major cities in Colombia with the most tech-savvy residents and businesses are Bogota, Medellin, and Cali. Bogota is a bustling metropolis where established tech firms and up-and-coming startups collaborate to produce novel products. Medellin is a terrific spot to collaborate and develop because of its reputation for having tech- and creative-focused groups. If you want to participate in Colombia's tech scene, you should start in Cali since it is also a prospering part of the tech world.

Legal and Taxes

Make sure you understand the rules and taxes when you hire remote workers in Colombia. This is important so that you follow the laws there correctly. It's important to know the rules in Colombia. This is so you don't do anything wrong when you hire remote workers. You also need to know about the taxes you have to pay when you hire them. This is so you don't get into trouble with the government. By doing this, you can hire remote workers in Colombia the right way and without any problems.

Talent in Colombia

Colombia has many skilled people with different abilities, especially in computer programming. You can choose the right person for your project by thinking about what skills you need. Make sure you use the recruitment pipeline methodology and ask the right interview questions in order to shortlist and hire the best talent that fits your firm's requirements. Without working with a proper hiring process, you may end up hiring a developer that does not suit your requirements and this will delay the project completion and cause issues for your tech department.

Save Money on Development Costs

Colombia software outsourcing is a great way to get the best talent whilst also maintaining your budget. Compared to onshoring and nearshoring to many other regions, outsourcing to LATAM, specifically to Colombia, is a very budget-friendly option. From customer service to software development assistance, Colombians know it all and are highly experienced at these skills and are ready to provide you with their services at a much-reduced rate. This way, companies can use their resources on other investments that will help improve their performance and thus can achieve their goals at a faster pace. 

Understanding the Colombian Culture

If you are planning to hire developers in Colombia, it is important for you to understand everything you can about their culture and lifestyle. Colombians have built their culture through different and various backgrounds and so, their culture is remarkably interesting and unique. Colombians work hard and like to be on time, but they also enjoy their free time a lot. To balance work and personal life, they like to talk openly. Colombia has unique holidays like Independence Day and Carnaval de Barranquilla. Showing respect for these holidays means you understand their culture and can make the team happier.

Legal Agreements

It is vital to make sure you are aware of all the documentation that is to be done with you hire developers in Colombia. Legal Agreements are like important rules written down on paper when you work on a project with others and these may include contracts and non-disclosure agreements. Not taking care of such procedures can cause major losses and can even lead to the loss of your intellectual property. It is therefore advisable to work with nearshoring agencies as they take the responsibility of handling all such complicated details of the hiring procedure. 

Hire Developers in Colombia With the Help of Nearshore Outsourcing

Blue Coding is a company that helps you find software developers from nearby countries to work with your in-house team. We started in 2014 and have assisted many US tech companies in hiring Colombian software engineers. We offer services to add staff to your team or find direct placements for you. We also have a series of articles about outsourcing software development to various Latin American countries. Recently, we talked about hiring developers from Chile in one of our blog posts. You can visit our blog for more guides on working with Latin American teams and useful tips for remote software development. We collaborate with a skilled group of remote professionals from different countries in Latin America. We've carefully checked and chosen them based on our standards. We can help you hire developers not only from Colombia but from all across Latin America. Feel free to get in touch with us today to discover more about finding Colombian developers and using nearshoring for your coding needs!

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