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05 Jan 2023

2023 Tech Hiring Obstacles To Consider

The tech industry, as we know it, is constantly evolving and changing. This means that the demand for the skills and expertise required in tech experts is changing constantly as well. Identifying a tech expert that would be fit for the company is one of the top recruitment challenges that firms and businesses face. Such challenges have made the hiring of tech experts an extremely tough process. Statistics reveal that a large number of companies that hired tech experts in the last few years were not even a part of the tech industry. This shows how immense the global demand for software developers and IT experts is among all industries.

To give you a heads-up for this year's upcoming possible challenges, this article analyzes the top 2023 tech recruiting challenges that you may face, along with several helpful tips on how to overcome these challenges. 

Identifying and Tackling Recruiting Challenges 

Whether you are looking to hire IT consultants or tech remote workers, IT recruitment challenges can be a major obstacle to an organization's success and being able to attract top talent while tech recruiting is essential for the growth of any business. Being unable to recruit skillful professionals can cause issues such as decreased workplace productivity, increased cost of frequently scaling the team, and a high turnover rate. Acknowledging the following 2023 tech recruiting challenges will help recruiters and hiring managers in improving their hiring procedures. 

Shortage of Experts with Specific Skills 

This recruitment challenge has been lingering around for the past few years and continues to make its way into 2023. Throughout the globe, the use of software continues to increase with each passing year. This, along with the rapid growth in the tech industry, has increased the demand for software developers who have experience in specific skills such as working with unique programming languages or specialized software development methodologies. High-demand areas of technology such as cybersecurity, data science, and software development don't have enough skilled workers. As a result, companies tend to compete with each other by offering better opportunities to highly skilled tech experts, making it tough to attract and retain tech professionals

Standing Out in a Competitive Hiring Market

Attracting highly-skilled talent has become challenging as tech professionals who have specialized skills tend to get flooded with offer letters. Unless a company practices certain strategies to make itself stand out from the other hiring firms, it is almost impossible to have an in-demand candidate accept your proposal. There are several strategies that a company can adopt in order to earn a reputation for being the ideal workplace for tech professionals. These strategies include offering competitive compensation packages, promoting company culture and values, emphasizing opportunities for growth and advancement, offering flexible work arrangements, and providing a clear career path. 

Relevancy of Skills

As the tech industry evolves, the skills and expertise that a company may require in a tech expert change rapidly. A recruiter needs to stay updated with these changes by collaborating with the company's functional manager. Staying updated with what type of specialized experts the company needs now and may need in the future helps the recruiter in choosing the right candidate for the firm during IT recruitment. The company can also invest in training its best experts when a new skill set is required. 

Fishing in a Huge Talent Pool

Companies that have a remote work environment are able to hire onshore and offshore talent as well. This allows the firm to tap into a greater proportion of talent for their remote hiring requirements. However, finding the right high-potential employee in such a broad realm can take a lot of time and energy. To get the most out of the hiring process, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a tech recruiter or outsourcing agency as they are specialized to shortlist the most ideal candidates that fit your company's requirements. 

Bland Job Description 

The average number of tech job openings has increased dramatically over the past few years, with about  804,000 new tech-related job openings between August to September 2022 in America itself. In this situation, attracting highly skilled experts is a great challenge and a poorly described job description will reduce the chances of landing a proficient candidate. A properly crafted job vacancy description includes an overview of the job responsibilities, an estimate of the compensation, additional benefits and packages, and work hours and their flexibility. This helps the potential candidate understand the position better and will apply if they feel that they are a good fit for your company. This strategy also helps in minimizing unnecessary applications flooding your job portal. 

Utilizing IT Recruitment Pipeline and Hiring Tools to Overcome 2023 Tech Recruiting Challenges 

Remote hiring and bringing in new in-house employees is undeniably a tough challenge. From finding potential candidates to sending out offer letters, the entire hiring process can become chaotic and can lead to many mishaps. If the hiring procedure isn't a seamless process, there are chances of losing top relevant candidates. In order to simplify things when hiring, the concept of tech recruiting pipelines can be adapted. A recruitment pipeline is a series of steps that help in organizing the hiring process. Depending on the requirements of a company, the stages of a recruitment pipeline may vary but a typical pipeline consists of the following steps:

Overcome your 2023 Tech Recruiting Challenges with Blue Coding 

Hiring office-based employees and finding the right remote workers to outsource projects is always a challenge, no matter which industry the firm belongs to. The hiring process requires using a lot of resources and consumes a lot of time and even then, many times the end result doesn't fit well with the company's requirements. Blue Coding is thus the ideal recruiting solution for firms and businesses that wish to outsource remote tech experts. Our team consists of specialized software developers and highly skilled tech experts who provide top-quality services and consultation while maintaining the safety of your company's data and intellectual property. For more details on our features and services, Contact us today!

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